Optimize your road freight

Consolidate shipments into larger, cost-effective loads, and manage complex domestic routing, including multi-stop, multi-leg, and pool points

Improve efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks, eliminate manual paperwork, and streamline your freight audit and payment processes with greater accuracy

Minimize costs

Pay less to your third-party carriers while managing more road freight, without increasing your operational and administrative costs


Advanced algorithms consider everything needed to move freight efficiently – domestic modes, carriers, multi-stop, and pool distribution – providing the most comprehensive rating and pricing management on the market.

Order changes are the norm, not the exception. With real-time data and order information, you can change an order throughout the entire routing process up until it’s shipped. No more deleting of orders and starting over again.

Factor in all real-world constraints to build loads you can actually execute. As conditions change, our embedded optimization engine continuously shows you the effects of those changes on the routes and whether there are new options to consider, saving you time and money.

3Gtms’ deep integration with CargoWise provides shipment visibility to both you and your customers. Sharing of carrier events also allows you to manage exceptions to shipment execution via workflows from within CargoWise.

Electronically store freight bills from third-party carriers and settle them directly from CargoWise using your standard processes, including automated freight audit and customer invoice calculation tools.

Automated data flow between domestic and international operators eliminates the need for multiple, manual data entry points, reducing shipment execution errors and redundant time and effort.

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