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Informazioni su Interlogic Global

InterLogic Global is an innovative service provider of warehouse optimisation, supply chain consulting, staff training, and systems solutions for the international and domestic supply chain industries. Since our inception, we have specialised in supporting the warehousing and logistics industry in effectively managing the challenges of implementing, controlling and optimising warehouse management systems and physical processes through CargoWise.

With a combined experience of over 25 years in Supply Chain Logistics including forwarding, warehousing and transport, our unique skill-set and industry knowledge has allowed us to effectively set up, implement, and run hundreds of thousands of square meters of warehousing space on CargoWise. With this experience we have been able to bring to market the ability to deliver innovative, comprehensive, and productive improvements to your warehouse and operations with minimal strain to your skilled workforce and resources.

Our Cargowise system knowledge is unique. Our ability to impart our experience and deliver from the planning stage to the warehouse floor is unmatched.

We assist to design and manage the change in your business, focusing on providing a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to the challenges of running an efficient, process driven and cost-effective warehouse and logistics operation.

We use our practical experience, industry partnerships, and CargoWise to help you solve the problems of costly and inefficient warehousing, dealing with the challenging and resource draining exercise of implementations and customer onboarding, whilst facilitating new ways of looking at your operation through process automation, operational efficiency, and key metrics.


  • Gestione e impostazione del calcolo automatico dei prezzi
  • Assunzione di clienti di magazzino
  • Automazione dei processi e riduzione dell’inserimento manuale dei dati
  • Gestione del profilo del prodotto
  • Configurazione e impostazione di magazzino
  • Profili ubicazione e configurazione del processo di ritiro
  • Ritiri efficienti
  • Configurazione IT e Hardware di magazzino
  • Supporto remoto



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2 Certified Professionals with the highest level of accreditation in CargoWise

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Sydney (Australia): +61 (405) 182 424