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The movement of goods across the supply chain to another is heavily process driven, requiring logistics businesses to perform tasks with varying degrees of manual input.

Eliminating labor-intensive, repetitive, error-prone activities is essential, with the automation and acceleration of these tasks providing immediate and significant benefits to your business.

CargoWise helps logistics businesses achieve greater productivity in 3 ways

Remove redundant or time-consuming processes, such as manually entering or re-entering data. You can also reduce unnecessary paperwork by digitizing your documents and storing them centrally.

Decrease the time required to complete a job by creating workflows and processes that automate previously manual tasks. At the touch of a button CargoWise can turn an email into a quote, a quote can then become a booking, the booking can become a job and the job can create an invoice.

Once a process is automated, it can be replicated and scaled across your business to other areas that perform the same or similar process with minimal additional effort and cost. Businesses can also leverage the data generated by automated processes to identify patterns and make insight-led business decisions.

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CargoWise’s eDoc functionality gives you the access and visibility you need to manage your system and external documents.

Darren Matthews, CargoWise Business Development Analyst, explains how you can drive productivity and unlock value by managing your operations on a single global database.

Darren Matthews, CargoWise Business Development Analyst, explains how CargoWise streamlines the flow of information from origin to destination.

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