Boost productivity

Automate repetitive shipment tasks, escalations and notifications. Submit documents and shipping information in real-time to increase operational efficiency and accuracy.


Improve visibility

Direct electronic connections mean you can easily share job related information with your trading partners, enabling everyone to stay informed and make more timely decisions.

Mitigate regulatory risk

With all you shipment data in one platform, reduce time-intensive and costly errors associated with manually transferring and re-keying data between different systems.


Simplify your ocean operations with direct electronic connectivity to over 90% of the ocean carrier industry and a range of major ports.

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Direct airline communications, eBookings and global flight schedules for forwarders to accelerate and streamline the airline booking process.

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Road and Rail

Get increased visibility and control over your rail and road journeys, making bookings and shipment confirmations fast and efficient.

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Dramatically improve the transparency and resilience of your containerized supply chains, to extract greater value and support increasingly complex logistics processes.


Ocean solutions

Streamline your airline shipping processes to enable greater automation of key supply chain processes, such as cargo booking, customs clearance, and shipment tracking.

Air solutions

By extending CargoWise’s powerful international forwarding capabilities with Blume’s landside logistics technology, you can automate, streamline and speed-up your end-to-end logistics execution processes, from first to last mile.

Road and Rail solutions

Connect to the world's largest air and ocean carriers.

Access our powerful network of air and ocean carriers for greater connectivity, visibility and productivity, so you can support your customers wherever they operate across the supply chain.

The power of CargoWise

Discover how CargoWise can optimize your global supply chain across modes and borders.


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