Improve data quality

Get real-time visibility of events as they occur throughout the supply chain with an integrated information flow from origin to destination.


Increase productivity

Drive transparency and efficiency with access to customer, origin depot, forwarding, customs, destination depot and last mile carrier operations in a single platform.


Ensure trade compliance

Prevent unwanted hold-ups and ensure customs compliance with exception management tools that notify your operations staff before an event occurs.


Origin depot portal

Accurate, real-time reporting provides a detailed view of your operations and makes exception management easy.

Give online retailers and destination depots real-time visibility with improved warehouse throughput and productivity.

Manage shipper order receipts, create load lists and lodge information with the receiving depot.

Preconfigured port and depot selections allow for items to be auto-allocated to a matching load list at the point of scanning.

Shipper portal

Strong integration capabilities allow your customers to automate the creation of orders and make order details readily available.

Easily manage file mapping via a simple drag and drop function.

Share data between all parties and provide a single location to track and report all order movements.

Provide customers with last-mile delivery information and real-time visibility of their goods’ movements.

Destination depot portal

Comprehensive communications with customs and government authorities for border clearance and exception management.

Enable parties to flag an item for special handling, making it easy for a destination depot to handle, while giving real-time visibility to all involved parties.

Allow an unlimited number of users to scan items from the same shipment at any one time.

Locate a consolidation or shipment status with configurable search filters and grid options, to quickly and efficiently co-ordinate jobs through the depot.

Portals can be used together as a total supply chain solution or individually according to user requirements.

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