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Centralize your global trade operations and strengthen your supply chain.

Get increased control over international compliance, while driving lower-risk cross border execution and faster multi-modal movement.

CargoWise Customs and Compliance


Mitigate regulatory risk

Streamline import clearances with automated data entry to help drive accuracy and improve productivity, across the borders you operate in.


Clear borders faster

Correctly classify your goods and meet regulatory requirements with real-time legislation updates and reference materials at your fingertips.


Simplify export processes

Submit the right paperwork in the right language, manage finances in multiple currencies and make sure you’re dealing with trusted providers.

Customs Management

Minimize risk and ensure your goods move smoothly across borders to avoid cargo delays, fees and fines.

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Classification and Screening

Extensive customs reference materials and screening tools to speed up classification and screening processes.

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Comprehensive accounting and operational tools to mitigate risk and simplify cross-border transactions.

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Explore our global customs footprint

  • Native customs functionality released into a CargoWise production build that is able to communicate to the customs authority to lodge import and export procedures and receive clearances.
  • Customs functionality that is available from our acquisition businesses and is in development for native customs functionality in CargoWise.

Customs Management

Minimize risk and ensure your goods move smoothly across borders to avoid cargo delays, inspection fees and fines.

CargoWise gives you the power to automate your customs management processes, providing the data visibility you need to drive accuracy and productivity. 

Automate, manage and clear import and export customs declarations, to accelerate the speed and accuracy of your customs clearance processes.  

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Integrate your customs brokerage and warehouse operations to track, manage and maintain inventory levels with greater control and compliance.  

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Connect and exchange import and export information via a simple, direct data exchange with national customs, government authorities, third-party systems, and external partners. 

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Keep goods flowing and take the hard work out of today’s ever-changing and expanding regulatory environment.

When we submit the entry into customs, our old system took three to four minutes. And now with CargoWise, it takes less than one minute.

Classification and Screening

Extensive customs reference materials and advanced screening tools to minimize time spent on classification and screening processes.

Correctly classify your goods and meet regulatory requirements with CargoWise's comprehensive customs screening tools at your fingertips.

Next-generation compliance software to correctly classify your goods, meet regulatory requirements, and avoid the risk of penalties and costly delays. 

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Save time, stay compliant and ensure consistent and reliable results with deeply integrated, real-time Denied Party Screening. 

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At GEODIS, advanced software is key to the success and speed that we can deliver to our customers. We can rely on BorderWise to correctly classify goods, so it's like one platform for all the information that we need.


Comprehensive accounting and operational tooling to mitigate financial risk and simplify complex cross-border transactions.

Minimize language barriers, accurately calculate local taxes, and confidently manage international transactions with powerful multi-language and multi-currency functionality.

Available in 30 languages and licensed across 170 countries, CargoWise gives the world’s largest logistics organizations increased control over international compliance.

Meet local invoicing and accounting compliance requirements while doing business in multiple countries.

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Direct electronic connections to the world’s largest ports give you visibility to take control of your containerized cargo.

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Improve and manage financial visibility across your extended supply chain with accurately estimated landed costs and deep integration across all CargoWise modules.

Automation tooling and deep integration capabilities to streamline cross-border and in-country trade processes.  

Limit risks, identify growth opportunities, and speed up the credit assessment process with comprehensive, data-driven reports, integrated and easily accessible within CargoWise.

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What's been really innovative in how we're using the customs module is the upload of electronic invoices, which has sped up turnaround time and getting releases from customs.

Revealing the true cost of supply chain compliance

Despite the complexity of regulations surrounding import and export controls, cross-border compliance isn’t an option - it’s the law.  

Download our latest eBook to discover how investing in the right technology, resources and processes will differentiate you from your logistics peers and enable your teams to effectively navigate this complex regulatory landscape and succeed in today's increasingly interconnected and rapidly evolving global marketplace. 



The power of CargoWise

Discover how CargoWise can optimize your global supply chain across modes and borders.


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