Powerful single view

Direct electronic connections give you visibility to take control of your containerized cargo ocean shipments.


Get it right first time

Intelligent data validation helps ensure the correct messages are submitted, reducing errors and manual corrections. 


Boost productivity

Automate repetitive shipment tasks, escalations and notifications to increase accuracy and speed.

Real-time data exchange from ship to shore

With more retailers moving their businesses online and the stronger-than-ever imperative for eCommerce set to continue, forwarders are handling more shipments than ever before. This huge spike in demand has left global ports unable to effectively handle the volume of international imports - leading to unprecedented congestion and disruption.

Establishing efficient and sustainable port operations relies on the collaboration and sharing of data between all maritime supply chain stakeholders - including freight forwarders, carriers, ports, customs authorities and domestic transport providers.

Investing in technology that automates essential port processes not only facilitates cross-network communication - it produces high quality data all parties can rely on.

Seamlessly move cargo through the world's busiest ports.

With global electronic messaging capabilities integrated directly into CargoWise, you can communicate to ports, carriers and agents across complex jurisdictions from a single platform.


Send shipment data electronically to carriers and help ensure key documents are submitted on time and with no errors.

Digitizing shipment data removes your reliance on manual documentation and reduces wait times at the port of loading.

If messages are not sent by a certain date or time, exception management tools automate a notification for further action.

The platform understands each carrier and port’s intricate requirements and helps ensure messages are sent to the recipient’s correct standards.

Maintain a complete audit trail of shipment transactions. Use advanced security features to protect any sensitive data.

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