Clear borders faster

Automated electronic import and export customs clearance processes minimize compliance mistakes and help ensure your goods move smoothly across borders.

Boost productivity

Save time and automatically generate import customs declarations in one country from the export data of another.


Streamline your supply chain

Share customs entry data across your operations and comply with regulations at origin and destination to minimize cargo delays, inspection fees and fines. 



Generate and transmit import and export transactions via a simple, direct data exchange with national customs and government authorities.

Exchange messages in a variety of certified formats and protocols, aligned to the requirements of the relevant customs authority or procedure.

Our global database links your operations so data flows smoothly between tasks and your entries, and keeps tariffs up to date.

Automatically transfer pre-existing data in the system to create new customs entries, including shipper and importer details, bill of lading, and vessel and voyage data.

Customs information is stored in a secure, centralized database, with seamless archiving of import and export processes for increased compliance.

Our global customs footprint

  • Native customs functionality released into a CargoWise production build that is able to communicate to the customs authority to lodge import and export procedures and receive clearances.
  • Customs functionality that is available from our acquisition businesses and is in development for native customs functionality in CargoWise.

Accelerate customs clearance in your region

With a single system to create, manage and clear your import and export customs declarations globally, discover how CargoWise streamlines customs management in your region.

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