A single platform for your entire supply chain

One system capable of retaining and exchanging your entire shipment data while offering a portal for all your trading parties to monitor and maintain their supply chain - providing standard connectors, simple status updates, and global visibility - all from the one platform.

No set up required. No plug-ins either

CargoWise is a fully integrated, single platform solution, which means there's no configuration, mapping or maintenance required. And with all your end-to-end shipment data embedded into the system, you don't have to worry about plugging in (or paying for) any additional third-party platforms.

A powerful, global network

We have a powerful network of CargoWise connections, drawing in thousands of nodes that bring millions of further connections – each carrier, each forwarder, each shipper, each party to a transaction, each module, each geography, and each technology create further nodes, and with them, exponential connections.

Make accurate, data driven decisions

With access to a range of legitimate data sources, our advanced machine learning algorithms allow you to make informed decisions, reduce risk and respond to supply chain volatility.

Events flow throughout the whole of the container lifecycle, automatically alerting users when a milestone is set to be missed, at which point they can swing into action, advise impacted parties downstream in the supply chain, and plan contingencies.

Direct data connections to the world's ocean carriers

Our growing list of direct container line connections means 95% of ocean freight can be booked through direct carrier integrations with ocean carriers and NVOCCs - providing you with access to direct electronic messages for schedules, bookings, contract rates, tracking, verified gross mass, shipping instructions, and bill of lading data.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your ocean data?

Visibility is more than knowing where your shipment is and when it’s going to arrive at its next destination.

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I can very happily say that we've rolled out CargoWise to our entire ocean freight organization. For us to have just one global application is great, because a global application helps you to really show that the quality of your service is the same everywhere."

DHL Global Forwarding 

Using information received from ocean carriers worldwide, as well as land-based and satellite AIS technology, achieve total visibility of your container movements and events, regardless of where you sit in the supply chain. 

  • Receive status updates including inland and onboard movements, pre-advices, delays, and changes to estimates 
  • Implement workflow triggers and initiate proactive action once a status change or event is received 
  • Eliminate time intensive manual data entry and processes 
  • Automatically notify staff, agents, brokers, inland service providers and customers of actual or estimated container movements 
  • Manage by exception and optimize processes to avoid demurrage and detention fees 

Learn more about Container Automation

Remove the limitations of third-party connections and broaden the scope of connectivity you can access with industry leading direct carrier connections to ocean carriers and NVOCCs around the world. 

  • Exchange direct electronic messages for schedules, booking, tracking, verified gross mass, shipping instructions, and bill of lading data 
  • View your fully digital, confidential contracted rates and published global tariff surcharges 
  • Receive faster and more reliable confirmations and shipment information  
  • Implement smoother e-booking and track and trace processes 
  • Reduce manual data entry and rekeying of data

With global electronic messaging capabilities integrated directly into CargoWise, you can communicate to ports, carriers, customs authorities and agents across complex jurisdictions from a single platform. 

  • Send shipment data electronically to ports and submit documents on time and with no errors 
  • Remove your reliance on manual documentation and reduce wait times at the port of loading 
  • Exception management tools automate a notification for further action if messages are not sent by a certain date or time 
  • Send messages according to the recipient’s correct standards, with each port’s intricate requirements built into the CargoWise platform 
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of shipment transactions. Use advanced security features to protect any sensitive data

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Quickly see where a vessel is once a journey has started, where it’s heading and whether it’s on time, so that you can better manage your supply chain activities. 

  • Comprehensive terrestrial and satellite AIS coverage 
  • Up-to-date global sailing schedules data  
  • Color-based visual alerts for departure and arrival delays 
  • Vessel information including current positiona and next destination 
  • Status updates for additional context as reported by the vessel crew 
  • View real-time vessel progress and anticipated remaining time

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Streamline your business operations by automating booking requests, shipping instructions and consolidation advice.

Solutions for Forwarders

Our powerful network of forwarders are using CargoWise to optimize their end-to-end logistics operations.

  • Automate your entire booking process to ensure your shipments are managed with speed and precision.

  • Eliminate the need to go through external aggregators, or maintain multiple platforms.

Solutions for NVOCCs

Our powerful network of NVOCCs are using CargoWise to enhance the shipment experience for their customers around the world.

  • Elevate your shipping processes and exceed customer expectations with our electronic messaging functionality for NVOCCs

  • Accept more shipments, increase revenue, improve your ability to negotiate rates with your network of carriers, and scale to reach new markets.

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End-to-end shipment visibility – from first email to final invoice

Optimize your quote to booking process

When a quote is received, CargoWise generates the cost rate and optimizes this for air and sea by using real-time carrier tariffs. Margins and surcharges are pre-populated, and you can choose the most suitable rate and route to maximize your profits. Once the quote is accepted, all information is transferred directly into the booking, without re-keying or re-entering any data. 

Monitor job shipments with ease 

Container movement updates are made available in real-time, removing the need to scour carrier websites. If a container is delayed, you are notified immediately and the appropriate messages can be triggered, keeping customers informed and helping to reduce penalties and wasted charges along the way. 

Automate and streamline your operations

At every stage of a shipment, completed tasks can automatically close and the system will generate and distribute the updated documentation and EDI, including transport documents, bills of lading and invoices. CargoWise can also automatically raise exceptions - such as a missed cargo ready date - to keep everyone updated on the cargo's status and minimize delays. 


Sailing schedules

Access an online feed of sailing schedules from the world’s largest ocean carriers 
  • Search and compare latest sailing schedules and connecting routes 
  • Publish custom schedules based on existing carrier schedules 
  • Automatic updates from carriers for estimated departure and arrival dates 
  • Auto-complete matching voyage details directly from the online data 

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Simplify the ocean booking process and make bookings electronically and directly 
  • Convert bookings to a bill of lading with just one click 
  • Consolidate shipments to a single carrier booking  
  • View job, client, sales and staff documentation in a single system 
  • Manage bookings with allocation control, documentation and container tracking functions 

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Rates engine

View and compare buy and sell rates with a powerful rates engine built for forwarders 
  • Search rates based on criteria such as origin, destination, carrier and commodity 
  • Search and apply buy and sell rates to shipments quickly and efficiently 
  • Create quotes using accurate cost and revenue calculations 
  • Automatically convert quotes to bookings once they’re accepted 

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Workflows that work for you 

With every task, milestone, or trigger fine-tuned and configured into a workflow process, you can build the routines that not only quickly and efficiently satisfy your customers’ needs, but also define the quality of service they expect - increasing transparency, accountability and productivity across your operations. 

Easily configure workflow templates for different shipment types (based on modes, trade lanes, directions or clients), allowing you to alter screen layouts and add custom fields to reflect the unique needs of each project.

Make it easy for your team members to keep track of their own individual tasks and make sure everyone knows what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and who is responsible for completing upcoming items, with real-time visibility of individual shipment jobs.

From the point of pickup through to delivery, we provide data connectivity from multiple parties including shipping lines, port systems, vessel AIS, as well as customs and transport, to provide the most complete picture of your cargo movements. This is all in addition to your internal events, such as document creation, invoice production, and more.

Whether you need to alert different parties to tasks that are needed to complete a milestone, send documents to outside parties or send correspondence to different parties when tasks are completed, CargoWise triggers will automatically do this for you.

A full log of every current and historical exception, with configurable alerts to automatically notify you if something is missed or nearing its deadline means you can better forecast timeline expectations and identify and amend repeated operational mistakes. 

The power of CargoWise

Discover how CargoWise can optimize your global supply chain across modes and borders.