Streamline opportunities

Autocosting and autorating helps ensure job cost profitability and avoids costly rework of incorrect billing and profit leakage.


Enhance your workflow

Automate the labour intensive and error prone process of manually entering, updating, and cross-checking carrier pricelists.


Search and compare

Get results in seconds. Search rates from your own contracts as well as those from agent partners and co-loaders.


Fast and secure access to millions of global freights rates, including CargoSphere and Cargoguide ocean and air rate management systems with a single set of credentials.

View and compare buy rates from different carriers, as well as previously saved costs. Search for rates based on multiple factors such as origin, destination, carrier, commodity, and other decision-making criteria.

Establish the applicable costing, client rates, company tariffs, gateway tariffs, and profit share agreements for automated revenue rating and accurate job costing. Load charges with correct and complete accounting data for timely invoicing and account settlement without leakage.

Build fast, accurate, and customizable quotes that flow seamlessly through your system from approval to acceptance and job costing, with configurable calculation strategies for competitive and profitable pricing.

Eliminate the manual task of managing and processing paper-based carrier contracts. Access real-time, automated rates with a direct electronic feed from carriers.

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