The air cargo trends set to shape your global operations.

Hear insights from Scott McCorquodale, our Chief Automation Officer, Air Cargo, on the current state of the air freight market, what we can expect in 2021, and why now is the time for airlines and forwarders to embrace connectivity and digitalization.

Learn more about:

  • The importance of timely and accurate digital air cargo rates.

  • The role of visibility and reliability as critical success factors in 2021.

  • The acceleration of digital technologies and solutions.

  • How digitalization is re-shaping the industry and how you can stay one step ahead.

Global air cargo data exchange solutions for airlines

Access the most comprehensive pool of buyers of air cargo capacity on the planet, all through one connection.


Your flights, more buyers

Communicate schedule changes with buyers the moment they’re available.


Work smarter

Designed to simplify the complexities of today’s air cargo industry.


Lower costs

Reduce operating and resource costs verses traditional processes.


Gain unequalled global coverage of the air cargo industry, ensuring your accurate flight schedules are available to the largest pool of air cargo capacity buyers in the market.

Control and communicate your air cargo sell rates quickly and efficiently, maximizing your revenue opportunities.

Receive eBooking requests in real-time, direct to your system, to allow immediate processing and responses to your customers.

Directly receive operational information such as air waybill data and send shipment status details direct to your customers, speeding up processing times while reducing errors and costs.

eBookings for forwarders and airlines

Accelerate and simplify the booking process, including direct airline communication for space allocation, quick quote options, and automated status updates and alerts.


Greater efficiency

Eliminate manual, error-prone data entry and rekeying between systems.


Increased visibility

Keep up to date with booking statuses and schedule changes with less effort.


Reduce costs

Find, book, and confirm space allocation with fewer resources and costs.


Accelerate your operational processes with integrated and real-time access to available flight routes, accurate departure and arrival information, and respective pricing.

Minimize errors and increase productivity with all necessary flight information and the respective cost details information returned updated directly to your consolidation record as soon as it is confirmed with the airline.

View message logs and booking status information for each corresponding routing leg, helping you plan and manage shipments more efficiently.

Conveniently locate consolidations by the eBooking status of each leg to easily keep track of all updates and any pending or required actions needed.

Automatically handle exceptions across the booking process without extra user input from alerts to notifications and even customer updates.

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