Improve efficiency

Automatically view near real-time information about your air freight as it moves from origin to destination, helping remove costly manual processes.


Reduce manual labor input

Eliminate the end-to-end processing time of paper based Air Waybills and free your staff to focus on high-value work that matters most to your business.


See the big picture

Predictive validation ensures you know exactly when your freight is arriving with up-to-date aircraft and flight ETA.


Events flow through the whole of the freight lifecycle, triggering automatic alerts, exceptions and processes that complete actions or bring issues to the attention of operators.

Track air freight from a single, deeply integrated platform, with a view of aircraft data in real-time.

Key events and statuses contain the date, time and location of each aircraft, including pre-advices, delays and changes to estimates.

Increase the speed and accuracy of communication between agents and carriers, reducing delays created by missing, incorrect or illegible paper-based Air Waybills.

Consolidate complex data streams from carriers and other independent sources to establish a custom-built global dataset of events and location information.

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