Your TMS and visibility platform all in one

From initial quote to final invoice, manage your end-to-end forwarding operations, while tracking your shipments - all from one platform.

By leveraging the powerful automation options already available in CargoWise, it’s easier than ever to implement data-driven, digital processes that improve visibility as well as operational excellence – with no additional configuration, mapping or maintenance required. 

Connect directly to the world’s airlines

We’ve partnered with the world’s largest airlines to provide CargoWise users direct access to accurate schedules, rates, available capacity and shipment tracking, to more efficiently query, book, confirm and amend or update shipments.

Direct API integrations between CargoWise and individual airline operating systems, allows each airline to electronically communicate real-time data throughout the entire shipment lifecycle - from the initial booking and execution of the Air Waybill through to the physical movements of the shipment during its journey.

CargoWise connects you directly to the following airlines, while providing schedules and visibility for all major airlines:

Meet evolving compliance requirements with ease

Compliance at the border is an ever-changing and complex exercise.

With comprehensive compliance capabilities and validations deeply embedded throughout the platform, you can trust CargoWise to respond to existing and new compliance requirements around the world - with greater speed and accuracy.

CargoWise also partners with leading industry bodies, including IATA and global customs authorities, to help transform and ultimately implement new standards for air cargo data exchange processes now, and into the future.

Focus on the right data, at the right time

Advanced AI and machine learning technology gives you an extended view of your supply chain for critical decision-making in the face of major (or minor) trade and supply chain disruption.  

By employing intelligent analytics to help anticipate future events, behaviors and outcomes, you’ll not only be able to easily identify what’s going to happen, you’ll also have access to the knowledge and insights necessary to determine the best course of action.

Powerful data sources you can trust

CargoWise is your single source of data truth - with data cleansed, standardized and consolidated into a single, meaningful data structure.

Advanced data analysis provides users with detailed and accurate incoming data streams, while mitigating potential data flaws by applying algorithms that identify and amend duplicate, non-chronological, incomplete or incorrect data.

"Thanks to the link between CargoWise and the shipping line and airline, files are automatically updated, so it's a gain of time and productivity. It's just a huge advantage to be on the same database and share the data without interfaces"


With more than 98% of CargoWise generated air shipments being successfully monitored, Air Waybill Automation effectively delivers corresponding flight status events directly to your CargoWise system providing visibility and downstream automation 24x7.

  • Real-time avionic flight tracking from a single, deeply integrated platform.

  • Events flow through the whole of the freight lifecycle, triggering automatic alerts, exceptions and processes that complete actions or bring issues to the attention of operators.

  • Key events and statuses contain the date, time and location of each aircraft, including pre-advices, delays and changes to estimates.

  • Any involved party across the supply-chain (BCO, origin or destination agent, customs broker) can track flights registered on all routing legs, while receiving air tracking events throughout the shipment lifecycle.

  • Consolidate complex data streams from airlines and other independent sources to establish a custom-built global dataset of events and location information.

Learn more about Air waybill Automation

Compare airline availability offers in side-by-side, with multi-airline search capabilities directly from CargoWise. 

  • Integrated seamlessly into CargoWise, AirlineConnect boosts efficiency, cuts manual tasks, and enables powerful workflows for peak productivity.
  • Explore flight options, dynamic pricing, and transit times across diverse routes and airlines, enabling selection of the optimal shipment solution.

  • Access dynamic rates and cargo capacity across a vast airline network for swift, informed decisions, enhancing logistics efficiency.

  • Instantly view a diverse array of offers, including seasonal and ad-hoc rates, empowering you with flexibility and informed decision-making.

  • Get real-time eBooking status updates from chosen airlines seamlessly integrated into Cargowise post eBooking submission.

  • Compare offerings from the world’s airlines side by side, with direct API connections to Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, Cathay Cargo, Emirates, Etihad, FinnAir, Iberia, ITA Airways, Korean Air, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar, and more!


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Electronic Messaging increases the speed and accuracy of communication between all stakeholders, reducing delays created by missing, incorrect or illegible paper-based Air Waybills and unnecessary data entry duplication.

  • Easily exchange information and send messages to your entire network across geographies, languages and currencies - up until the cargo arrives at its intended destination.

  • Accelerate customs clearance processing times and communicate directly with local government agencies.

  • System validation and auto-complete tools improve data integrity and consistency.

  • Leverage existing system data to meet compliance obligations amidst ever-changing and evolving cargo security regulations.

  • Automated eDocs filing for better record keeping and a secure audit trail.


Monitor your end-to end air shipments with a map-based visualization of your cargo as it progresses across the supply-chain, providing a unified view of your flight and airline data, for greater data accuracy and decision making.

  • Interactive map showing current cargo position, past and predictive routes across multiple legs, key events, and even tracking of split cargo.

  • Map visualization of journey progress in real-time, with ability to zoom and highlight specific legs or events.

  • Easily identify points where cargo has been split across flights, with expected time of arrival for all parts and cargo.

  • View current flight statuses, key milestones, consignment details, MAWB number, and number of pieces.

Air freight moves fast, which is why CargoWise tells you what you need to know, as soon as you need to know it.

Unlock visibility of your air operations from origin to destination

Receive real-time status updates throughout the shipment lifecycle, including when a booking moves from planned to confirmed, if there is a pending request for particular or multiple legs, or in circumstances when the booking is altered by the airline after booking confirmation.

Cargo movement updates are also made available in real-time, removing the need to scour airline websites. If a flight is delayed, you are notified immediately and the appropriate messages can be triggered, keeping customers informed and helping to reduce penalties and wasted charges. 

Optimize your quote to booking process

When a quote is received, CargoWise generates the cost rate and optimizes this for air and sea by using real-time airline tariffs. Margins and surcharges are pre-populated, and you can choose the most suitable rate and route to maximize your profits. Once the quote is accepted, all information is transferred directly into the booking, without re-keying or re-entering any data.

Automate and streamline your operations - from the first email to final invoice

At every stage of a shipment, completed tasks can automatically close and the system will generate and distribute the updated documentation and EDI, including transport documents, Air Waybills and invoices. CargoWise can also automatically raise exceptions - such as a missed cargo ready date or a flight delay - to keep everyone updated on the cargo's status and minimize delays. 

Air eBookings

Simplify the air booking process and make bookings electronically and directly 
  • Communicate directly with airlines in real-time to retrieve and display available capacity and allocations.

  • Send eBooking requests directly to the airline’s operational system, for immediate processing and responses.

  • Automatically send operational information such as air waybill data and shipment status details.

  • View message logs and booking status information for each corresponding routing leg.

  • Conveniently locate consolidations by the eBooking status of each leg to keep track of all updates, and any pending or required actions needed.

  • Automatically handle exceptions across the booking process without extra user input.

Learn more about Air eBookings

Flight schedules

Access an online feed of flight schedules and suitable connections from the world’s largest airlines
  • Search and compare latest flight schedules and connecting routes.

  • Publish custom schedules based on existing airline schedules.

  • Automatic updates from airlines for estimated departure and arrival dates.

  • Auto-complete matching voyage details directly from the online data.

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Rates engine

View and compare buy and sell rates with a powerful rates engine built for forwarders 
  • View and compare buy and sell rates with a powerful rates engine built for forwarders.

  • Search rates based on criteria such as origin, destination, airline and commodity

  • Search and apply buy and sell rates to shipments quickly and efficiently.

  • Create quotes using accurate cost and revenue calculations.

  • Automatically convert quotes to bookings once they’re accepted.

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Workflows that work for you 

With every task, milestone or trigger fine-tuned and configured into a workflow process, you can build the routines that not only quickly and efficiently satisfy your customers’ needs, but also define the quality of service they expect - increasing transparency, accountability and productivity across your operations. 

Easily configure workflow templates for different shipment types (based on modes, trade lanes, directions or clients), allowing you to alter screen layouts and add custom fields to reflect the unique needs of each project.

Make it easy for your team members to keep track of their own individual tasks and make sure everyone knows what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and who is responsible for completing upcoming items, with real-time visibility of individual shipment jobs.

From the point of pickup through to delivery, we provide data connectivity from multiple parties including shipping lines, port systems, vessel AIS, as well as customs and transport, to provide the most complete picture of your cargo movements. This is all in addition to your internal events, such as document creation, invoice production, and more.

Whether you need to alert different parties to tasks that are needed to complete a milestone, send documents to outside parties or send correspondence to different parties when tasks are completed, CargoWise triggers will automatically do this for you.

A full log of every current and historical exception, with configurable alerts to automatically notify you if something is missed or nearing its deadline means you can better forecast timeline expectations and identify and amend repeated operational mistakes. 

The power of CargoWise

Discover how CargoWise can optimize your global supply chain across modes and borders.