Direct carrier connections

Blume's comprehensive carrier network empowers you with smart carrier selection, efficient booking, real-time tracking, event capture, and reliable POD verification.


Complete shipment visibility

From the point of pickup through to delivery, know where your shipments are, where they’re going, and when they’re going to arrive.


Powerful exception management

Automate supply chain processes, predict and alert when shipments will be early or late, and warn operators about disruptions and avoidable costs before they occur.


Combine the power of CargoWise’s international forwarding capabilities with Blume’s landside logistics technology

Bridge the gap between your international and landside logistics operations with a comprehensive solution that gives you control over your entire supply chain.

Seamlessly leverage Blume’s extensive worldwide network of pre-integrated motor carriers to move shipments into and out of marine terminals, rail ramps and customer facilities. Automatically coordinate pickup, delivery and empty return ensuring smooth operations, reducing wait times and unnecessary labor and accessorial costs while improving overall efficiency.

Efficiently execute air freight cartage with Blume's pre-integrated worldwide motor carrier network. Automated carrier selection finds the best motor carriers for the job taking cost, on-time performance and sustainability into consideration. Orchestrate multi-pickup and drop-off optimizing the route for drive and asset efficiency.

Blume's global ecosystem and carrier network


North American Class 1 Railroads

236K +

Motor carriers

350K +



81M +

Shipments tracked per month

7K +

Marine terminal and rail ramps

850 +

Air and Ocean carriers

Broaden your scope of connectivity with access to one of the world's largest motor carrier networks

Onboarding new motor carriers is extremely efficient, and automated coordination of pickup, delivery, and empty returns increases productivity and reduces errors.

Blume's CarrierGo platform streamlines carrier selection by auto-selecting the optimal mode and carrier based on specific lane or profile criteria, tendering or booking the selected carrier without manual intervention.

Dynamically change the transportation plan and associated execution to take advantage of opportunities and address issues impacting delivery dates, cargo quality, and cost.

Automate freight invoice auditing against contracted rates, bill of lading and other data ensuring carrier invoices are accurate, meaning you avoid unnecessary charges while reducing freight audit failures.

Powerful visibility technology enhances oversight and control

Make data driven decisions

From purchase order to delivery, Blume’s real-time tracking of locations and key milestones, along with predictive estimated times of arrival, helps you optimize operations, minimize delays, and ensure a smoother shipping process.

Actionable, accurate data

All data is cleansed, standardized and consolidated into a single, meaningful data structure – to decipher numerous data points across multiple vendors.

Direct data exchange

With all your shipment data deeply embedded, you don't have to worry about plugging in any additional third-party platforms, and the data inconsistencies that come with them.

Minimize the impact of exceptions and delays

Manage by exception

Automatically prioritize exceptions, track their impact, collaborate with your team, and resolve issues using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning recommendations.

Resolution automation

Access digital playbook and automatic task management functionality to define Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and automate resolutions for different types of exceptions.

Plan ahead

The system also learns from user interactions, automating solutions for similar scenarios and providing what-if examples to evaluate and execute alternate courses of action.

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