While working with a globally dispersed network of third-party agents is part and parcel of running a logistics company, the days of having to rely on a patchwork of different software systems to do business with them is thankfully a thing of the past.  

Multiple third-party agents working across disparate systems, locations, languages and currencies can significantly reduce your visibility and create low-quality shipment data and time-consuming, manual workarounds.

With global supply chains under unprecedented pressure, many logistics companies are looking at ways they can reimagine their business as usual environment and do more with less.

Our secure and reliable cloud-based logistics execution software, CargoWise, enables you to exchange data and status updates with multiple third-party agents at the same time from a single, deeply integrated global platform.

Want to increase visibility and collaboration among your third-party logistics networks? Here’s five ways CargoWise can help:

1. Picture a scenario where your origin agent is moving a shipment from Istanbul to Toronto. Using CargoWise, your internal operator can instantly view the shipment information from the origin agent and receive status updates in real-time.

This reduces the risks associated with manual data entry and helps minimise potential delays or disruptions to the shipment’s journey.

2. CargoWise is licensed across 160 countries and available in 30 languages. For the shipment moving from Istanbul to Toronto, this means that data entered by your origin agent in Turkish is available to your Canadian agent in English, so they can immediately process the job and fulfil local compliance requirements.

3. Because CargoWise is a truly global platform, processing ACI information and import declarations does not require your internal operators to re-enter data already provided by third-party agents.

Automating this process increases efficiency and reduces errors, freeing your team to focus on more high-value, customer-centric work.

4. With all vital shipment information stored on a single platform and available anywhere and anytime, your team can monitor and report on the services different third-party agents have provided, regardless of where in the world they are based.

By being aware of where business is coming from, you may negotiate better rates in the long-term.

5. CargoWise’s deeply integrated billing capabilities keep track of third-party agents involved in a shipment, applying accurate charges for local compliance as well as any agreements, such as profit shares.

You can also automate and streamline how their financial invoices are processed, minimising frustrations over missing invoices or outstanding payments.

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