Milton Keynes, UK, January 6, 2012 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers, today announced a major expansion into the road transport market with the signing of a landmark agreement with French logistics provider Dimotrans S.A.

The agreement gives CargoWise a significant presence in Europe and beyond, as Dimotrans is a major logistics provider in the multimodal transport sector, managing the movement of goods on five continents. CargoWise will implement its ediEnterprise solution across Dimotrans’ 23 French offices providing both forwarding and transport management functionalities. Following implementation in France, Dimotrans plans to extend ediEnterprise throughout its operations in the Far East where CargoWise already has a significant customer presence and product capability.

CargoWise has invested heavily in building a major presence in the EU Transport & Distribution marketplace to complement its key strengths in Contract Logistics, including Air & Sea Forwarding, Shipping, Customs and Warehousing. The agreement with Dimotrans reflects ediEnterprise’s status as an advanced global Supply Chain Solution.
Sylvie Billat, Managing Director of Dimotrans said: “We selected CargoWise to support our current and future growth plan. They have an excellent forwarding solution and as a development partner, we will help enhance their transport solution to meet the requirements of the European Road marketplace.”

The Chief Executive Officer of CargoWise, Richard White, said: “Our partnership with Dimotrans is really exciting for both businesses. CargoWise’s rapid growth and success has enabled us to extend our capabilities in EU logistics, including integrating Domestic with International logistics and improvements to Distribution, eTail, and Drop Shipping. We continue our focus on European and Asian Languages Support, and have made a significant investment in EU Customs and Geo Compliance.”

Steve Corbet, VP Business Development EMEA, for CargoWise said: “This significant win demonstrates our focus on France and Europe and coincides with the release of our localised French user interface and transport documents. Along with our German and other European localisations, it defines and validates our EU commitment.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,

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