Software’s seamless integration with new customs regulations set to increase productivity and efficiency for CargoWise’s Canadian customers.

CargoWise has developed a new customs-compliant software module to meet the needs of its Canadian customers
as they brace for upcoming changes to the country’s customs procedures.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is set to overhaul its system in the coming year as it implements the Advance Commercial Information (ACI) eManifest program. Designed to improve border security, the program will require freight forwarders to electronically transmit advance commercial information to the CBSA within a specified time ahead of forwarding.

As all freight forwarders must comply with these new requirements by June 2014, it’s imperative that businesses begin thinking about how they will implement these changes in their operations or face being left out in the cold. The CBSA is advising businesses to start adopting eManifest requirements now so they have the time to fine tune their operations and test their eManifest procedures before they become mandatory.

Demonstrating its dedication to the Canadian supply chain, CargoWise has developed Canadian Customs ACI eManifest capability within its software to assist it’s significant Canadian customer base to adapt to the compliance requirements. Current CargoWise customers are already transmitting eManifest data as an extension of their existing application.

While designed to create a more efficient and reliable border process, freight forwarders who do not have an eManifest solution in place will face a period of change as they seek to adapt their operations to comply with the new rules.

“While other forwarders scramble to update their systems and rework their operations to meet the new compliance requirements, CargoWise customers will experience a seamless transition,” says Gene Gander, CargoWise VP Business Development, Americas. “The new eManifest module will allow the entry and maintenance of ACI eManifest data by any authorized CargoWise user within a company without costly integration or rekeying of data, therefore increasing productivity capabilities. By making eManifest available ahead of the mandatory deadline, our Canadian customers will be able to further streamline operations and maximize productivity, helping them stay ahead of the competition.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,

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