With more than 7,300 employees and 150 locations worldwide, Gebrüder Weiss ranks among Europe's leading transport and logistics companies, specializing in land transport, logistics solutions, and air and sea freight forwarding.

Previously a joint venture with Weiss Rohlig, in 2017, Gebrüder Weiss opened their own USA branches. The business began using CargoWise as their main operating system for air and sea freight as well as billing for all their customers, to support efficiency and productivity improvements.

Looking for a solution to cut the complexity out of their USA domestic freight operations and increase efficiencies, Gebrüder Weiss implemented cloud-based transport management system, 3Gtms – a commercial partner for CargoWise.

Integrated directly within CargoWise, the commercial integration has allowed Gebrüder Weiss to add domestic TMS abilities to their global logistics system, and successfully manage domestic non-asset freight throughout the US.

The integration of 3Gtms' optimization engine and CargoWise's workflow and automation tools allow users to automatically optimize routes, select the best carriers at the best rates, and increase productivity - with a level of seamless connectivity and visibility between shippers and carriers not possible with any other domestic TMS.

“The CargoWise and 3Gtms integration has helped us provide better quality outcomes for our customers by eliminating manual tasks through workflow and automation. With extra time on our hands, our operators are really focused on providing the best customer experience and pushing our service excellence,” says Kate Leatherbury, Director of Domestic Transportation Solutions, Gebrüder Weiss.

The business has significantly reduced the manual management of their sea and road freight, scaled up their domestic operations and accelerated their competitive advantage, explains Ms Leatherbury.

“Integration with CargoWise was a logical choice, and it’s allowed us to use a single system of record, optimize our processes and significantly increase efficiencies across the business.”

Gebrüder Weiss’ data is now accessible in one centralized location – CargoWise – eliminating the need to re-key data across multiple platforms, resulting in increased productivity, visibility, and communication across the business.

“We’ve saved a significant amount of time. With a simple click of a button, all the data goes straight from CargoWise to the TMS, adding multiple efficiencies and making our operators’ lives easier.

“It’s also increased compliance, as the system now automatically assigns a bill of lading number which has enabled our accounting team to reconcile and make payments faster. Now when the invoices come in, they already have the correct reference number on them which is a huge time saver”, said Ms Leatherbury.

 Thinking ahead and evolving their offering to meet the rapidly changing needs of their client base customer needs is a continuous priority for the business, with the integration playing a major role in achieving this.

 “With the support of CargoWise’s powerful functionality combined with 3Gtms’ custom self-built integrations, we’ve been able to streamline processes and provide greater flexibility, speed and efficiency to our customers.” 

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