In our industry, time is of the essence. And if you’re an experienced CargoWise user, your expertise is in demand, being a great asset when onboarding new starters.

Efficient and effective onboarding is crucial for maintaining business continuity and driving success. However it shouldn't become a drain on your productivity, consuming all your time and mental energy. That's where WiseTech Academy can help.

WiseTech Academy is a comprehensive global learning platform designed specifically for the logistics industry. Featuring compelling industry courses alongside in-depth training and educational resources on CargoWise, it is an essential tool to help you and your team do your job quickly, confidently, and accurately.

Are you looking for ways you can take the stress out of onboarding new team members? Here are ten reasons why you should start using CargoWise Learning in the WiseTech Academy today.

1. Save time and effort while providing valuable insights

Our online courses remove the time and pressure of developing and delivering your own training plans. Instead, you can focus on mentoring new staff members, supplementing the CargoWise courseware with your own valuable tips and hints not covered by the course content.

2. Deliver a consistent learning experience for all

CargoWise Learning is standardized and constantly updated to reflect industry changes. It is designed to help avoid the scenario where new staff members receive training from multiple team members, which could lead to mixed messaging and inconsistencies in their learning experience.

3. Ensure progress is measurable and recorded

WiseTech Academy's online training keeps track of each staff member's progress and records it. It allows for effective monitoring and tracking of their development, with documented evidence of their achievements which both the employee and manager can see.

4. Set your new starters up for success

With online training, your new team members learn at their own pace, removing the pressure and time constraints of the classroom environment, where they may be expected to be ‘up and running’ once the course has finished. They can also revisit content as often as required, helping reinforce their learning and ensuring a better grasp of the material.

5. Enjoy a scalable training solution

Our online training is scalable and capable of accommodating any number of employees. It eliminates the limitations associated with classroom capacities and availability, ensuring consistent and accessible training for all.

6. Empower independent learning – questions encouraged

Our courses allow your new team member to ‘get a feel’ for the system independently, without someone looking over their shoulder (or accidentally causing any potential data entry issues!) They can learn at their own speed, compiling a list of important questions they may have for you.

This approach benefits those hesitant to ask questions directly to a trainer in a group setting – removing any potential fear or embarrassment about asking something that might be considered foolish in front of others.

7. Provide exposure to additional industry content and opportunities

New staff members get exposed to a whole new library of related industry content and potential qualifications, including the WiseTech Diploma of International Freight Forwarding and the TLI50822 Diploma of Customs Broking.

They may also want to consider getting CargoWise certified, which enables them to validate their expertise and earn industry-recognized qualifications, which is a 'win-win' for your them along with your team and company.

8. Offer flexibility in training timing and location

With online courses, staff members can access training materials from anywhere, anytime, including when working from home or outside of traditional office hours. It eliminates the need for a dedicated training office space or for you or another experienced staff member to be available for training at specific times.

9. Deliver simultaneous learning across the globe

The online training method offered by WiseTech Academy allows multiple staff members to learn simultaneously, even if they are in different locations or time zones. It enables efficient and flexible training for geographically dispersed teams - removing the need for transglobal Zoom training or travel.

10. Let your staff drive their own progress

By implementing online training, you encourage new starters to drive their own learning and development, demonstrating that you trust them to ‘get on with it - but are available to help if needed. It allows you to target your help to those who may need additional support with their training rather than teaching a whole group simultaneously.

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