According to research from Gartner1, digital is a priority for most supply chain leaders, but less than half have defined or plan to implement a supply chain digital transformation roadmap.

It’s a tricky balancing act for leaders, such as yourself, who are having to navigate significant disruptions while also managing a hybrid team that’s working in and out of the office.

In good news, when it comes to digitalization, many logistics leaders believe their companies became digital-centric much faster than they ever could have imagined. In fact, some estimates indicate that in 2020 alone, large organizations moved three to four years forward in digital adoption, in a matter of months.

Digital transformation is no longer a ‘nice to do’, but more a matter of corporate survival.

If you’re a logistics leader looking to define or implement your digital transformation roadmap, how can you stop playing catch-up and start planning your initiatives for two, five or even ten years in the future?

Our secure and reliable cloud-based logistics execution software, CargoWise, is the technology platform of choice for some of the world’s largest logistics organizations to standardize, streamline and optimize their operations.

It brings your branches, departments, workforce and operations together in one deeply integrated global platform, enabling you to execute highly complex shipment processes across multiple users, functions, offices, countries and languages.

Work with specialists to extend the power of your digital investment. 

When it comes to system implementation, configuration and optimization, we have a large global network of experienced CargoWise Service Partners, who as logistics and IT experts, can help you achieve your digital transformation goals in record time.

With deep technical and system experience, CargoWise Service Partners work hard to examine your unique business needs and recommend solutions that deliver real value, fast. What’s more, our Service Partners are held to the highest standards and accreditation requirements, so you can rest assured you're working with an experienced team committed to excellence.

Finding the right partner for your business is critical.

You want to be able to focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional service to your customers. That's why it's important to consider these three things great CargoWise Service Partners have in common:

1. They have the deep domain experience that you’re looking for.

There’s no denying that digital transformation projects can be difficult to execute. Delivering fundamental change, at scale, can be challenging, especially with short-term pressure and disruption.

CargoWise Service Partners differentiate themselves by attaining Platinum (highest), Gold and Certified accreditations in specific CargoWise competency areas, such as Forwarding, Customs, Accounting, Workflow, Integration, Warehouse and Global Rollouts (across different regions and parties).

To achieve these levels, our Service Partners are required to have a number of competency-specific subject matter experts working in their business, on hand to help you to maximize your technology investment, mitigate risk and solve problems faster.

2. They deliver results consistently and in line with business goals.

Digital transformation is not something you can buy and then simply switch on or plug into your business overnight.

It’s an ongoing process, which can completely transform the way your company runs. And while a strong digital strategy is important, it may fail if your people and culture are not bought into the vision and empowered to deliver.

In addition to their deep technical experience, CargoWise Service Partners also have real-world examples of how they have helped customers achieve their complex digitalization goals. Specifically, to maintain their Platinum, Gold or Certified accreditation, our Partners must demonstrate the successful delivery of recent customer projects, which are then reviewed and verified by our internal team.

3. They are aligned with your values and vision.

Like many things in business and in life, the most successful partnerships are based on shared values and a collective vision, in this case the best deployment possible and more satisfied customers.

CargoWise is the technology platform of choice for some of the world’s largest logistics companies, which means we never compromise on quality. From our commitment to product development and innovation, to the Partners we choose to work with around the world, our mission is to help solve the deep and persistent pain-points of the logistics industry.

As a result, we don't settle for second best, only working with Partners who are passionate about the power of technology to transform global supply chains, and how they can work alongside customers to unlock the full value of their digital investments.

As the saying goes, “communication is key”, but when it comes to your Partner relationship, “communication is king!” Held to the highest standards and with deep specializations and diverse project experience, CargoWise Service Partners ensure you’re informed about project goals, resources and time management.

As your trusted counsel, they will also keep you updated with straight-forward project roadmaps and implementation milestones, which are simple to understand and then share with important internal stakeholders.

Want to start working with a CargoWise Partner to implement, configure and optimize the platform across your operations?
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