There’s no denying that global trade is adapting to unprecedented levels of disruption, with lockdown measures impacting production and demand worldwide.

Operationally however, many supply chains have shown impressive resilience, particularly those which are underpinned by digital processes and automations.

With trade volumes expected to make a gradual recovery as lockdowns ease around the world, many logistics companies are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to ensure they survive and thrive in this new world.

So how are successful logistics companies using technology to move faster, more flexibly and at greater scale than their competitors?

For technology to be a real driver of growth and innovation, more and more logistics companies are turning to a single software solution that can handle the complexity of their global operations and solve their shipment needs from origin to destination.

Our secure and reliable cloud-based logistics execution software, CargoWise, brings your branches, departments, workforce and operations together in one deeply integrated global platform.

It removes the need to run multiple, complex systems, and ensures your shipments are processed with speed and precision – from the initial quote and booking to customs clearance, transport, forwarding, warehousing and the final invoice being issued to your client.

Want to do more with less, while moving more for less? Here’s five ways you can improve your operational visibility and agility with CargoWise:

1. Optimise your quote to booking process

Once a quote is processed online, CargoWise generates the cost rate and optimises this further for air and sea by utilising real-time carrier tariffs. Margins and surcharges are pre-populated for each rate, and you can choose the most suitable rate and route to maximise your profits.

When the quote is accepted, it is easily turned into a booking with just one click. All information from the quote is transferred directly into the booking, without re-keying or re-entering any data.

Learn how you can optimise your supply chain with CargoWise Forwarding

2. Streamline electronic booking requests

Once the booking is made, you can electronically attach your shipment to a master record and access global sailing and flight schedules from many of the world’s major carriers.

You can also book with shipping lines, send electronic shipping instructions and create the AMS and ACI messages, direct from CargoWise.

3. Automate and monitor shipments in real-time

At every stage of a shipment, completed tasks can automatically close and the system will then generate and distribute to external parties the relevant documentation and EDI, including transport documents, bills of lading, customs documents and more.

Container movement updates are also pulled into the system in real-time, removing the need to scour carrier websites. If a container is delayed, you are notified immediately and the appropriate messages can be triggered, keeping your customer informed and helping to reduce penalties and wasted charges along the way.

Find out how you can track, manage and move your containerised cargo with CargoWise Optimisation.

4. Take the complexity out of compliance

CargoWise lets you create customs entries quickly and efficiently, without the need for third-party solutions or tedious workarounds. Once you know the consignment details, all shipment information is automatically transferred to the customs declaration before processing. This reduces the need to create any dummy records and ensures you have all the required details.

CargoWise is constantly updated to reflect changing laws and legislation, so you can be confident you’re submitting the right paperwork and are compliant with local tax rules, customs regulations and harmonised tariffs.

Learn how you can meet customs challenges with confidence and unlock emerging trade opportunities with CargoWise Customs.

5. Speed up critical operational processes

Available in 30 languages, CargoWise lets you customise, complete and send documents in different languages, all directly from within the system. For example, you could deliver a local cartage document in one language and send the manifest in another.

Additionally, once your job is complete you can automatically generate the customer invoice based on the pricing information already within the system. With CargoWise’s deeply integrated accounting functionality, you can reconcile this transaction and your operational payments, all from a powerful, single system.

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