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About Forward Digital Solutions LLC

Forward Digital Solutions (FDS) believes the companies that use CargoWise are some of the most progressive in Freight Forwarding. These companies have the vision to implement an industry-leading software in order to continually improve operational performance and productivity. Based on this belief, FDS takes an integrated approach to each CargoWise implementation that impacts:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Systems usage

We take a results-oriented collaborative approach to projects. Our consultancy understands that the Forwarder is an expert in their market. We combine this 'know-how' with FDS' systems and operational transformation expertise to achieve sustainable results. We support our clients using CargoWise, helping them reach their strategic goals relating to:

  • Operational performance/quality
  • Productivity
  • Customer service
  • Profit

Please contact us to understand how FDS can support you to achieve your goals.



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