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CargoWise Certified Practitioners

1 Certified Professional with the highest level of accreditation

About Kinetic Energy Consultants

Kinetic Energy Consultants LLC specializes in providing top-notch services tailored specifically to the needs of our clients within the cargo industry. Our primary focus lies in implementing and optimizing CargoWise to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. With extensive expertise in US Customs regulations, accounting principles, supply chain management, and financial strategies, we ensure that your logistics processes are not only compliant but also optimized for success. Whether you're navigating complex customs procedures or seeking to enhance your supply chain operations, we are your trusted partner for comprehensive logistics solutions.


We are committed to helping our clients unlock the full potential of CargoWise to drive growth and success in their operations. With our deep understanding of the logistics industry, we empower our clients to stay ahead of the competition and elevate their logistics operations to new heights of efficiency and profitability.



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USA, Atlanta: +1 (561) 215-3775