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Platinum Accounting
Platinum Forwarding
Gold Integration
Certified Customs
Certified Global Rollouts
Certified Warehouse

CargoWise Certified Practitioners

11 Certified Professionals with the highest level of accreditation
1 Certified Operator

About q.beyond logineer GmbH

As a CargoWise Service Partner, Logineer offers over 110 Years of combined Logistics and CargoWise product knowledge.

Our team of consultants has proficiency in Forwarding, Customs, Shipping, Warehousing, Rating, Transport, and the new Transit Warehouse Module. They have successfully implemented CargoWise throughout Europe, Asia, America, Australasia/Oceania.

We are experienced in working with small to medium-sized forwarders (2 to 2,000 users), including both Single and Multi-Country implementations. In addition, we are well versed in dealing with local country language and compliance requirements.

Our skilled development team is backed up by our consultants, who have worked on various integration options with CargoWise and are engaged to discuss interface requirements.




Languages supported

English, German, Spanish

Regions of operation

Africa, Americas, Asia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East

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Office locations

Hamburg, Germany: +49 40 809 0421 900
Sydney, Australia: +61 2 8366 7210
Auckland, New Zealand
Manchester, United Kingdom