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Platinum Accounting
Platinum Forwarding
Platinum Integration
Platinum Workflow
Gold Global Rollouts
Certified Customs
Certified Warehouse

CargoWise Certified Practitioners

21 Certified Professionals with the highest level of accreditation
3 Certified Specialists
3 Certified Operators

About Soft Freight Logic

Soft Freight Logic (SFL) is dedicated to supporting and elevating logistics businesses through technology. Powered by Cargowise, our ecosystem comprises of Consultancy, Implementations and Support as well as enhancements around Product Customisations, Middleware, Integrations, and Business Analytics Software (such as mobile applications and dashboards). 

We provide the highest level of services in System Configuration, CRM & Tariff Management, Forwarding, Warehousing, Finance, Document Customisation, Integrations, and Advanced Workflows. 

The Soft Freight Logic team of talented specialists with a background in supply chain and logistics is strengthened by a commitment to ongoing training and accreditation.  Situated in offices in the USA, India, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and New Zealand, we conduct trilingual training and support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  We provide personalised solutions enabling our customers to leverage the CargoWise solutions across all areas of their business.

By providing our clients with a holistic suite of services, we enable their businesses with unparalleled competitive advantage and value.



Languages supported

English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Arabic, Dutch, French

Regions of operation

Africa, Americas, Asia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East

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Office locations

India: +91 9632022225
Sri Lanka: +94 773219958
Brazil: +55 19999844055
Chile: +56 979040226
North America: +1 7867109681
South Africa: +27 620553076
New Zealand: +64 211262290
Morocco: +212 674772986
Dubai, UAE: +971 543765224