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About The University of Trieste

The University of Trieste (UniTS) is widely recognized and highly ranked both nationally (6th position and A assessment in the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research scale) and internationally. It offers curricula covering the three areas of the European Research Council (ERC), with degrees in Social Sciences & Humanities, Technology & Science, and Life Sciences. UniTS has 10 Departments, including the Department of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics “Bruno de Finetti", with programs focused on strategy, consulting, management, business logistics and transport economics. UniTS has more than 17,000 students, and more than eighty bachelors, masters and PhD degrees offering skills and expertise in multivarious fields of learning. UniTS’ international history has been distinguished by its unwavering commitment to develop strategic networks and scientific projects at the European and international level. Today UniTS has more than 500 bilateral agreements and international exchange programs, and 120 International Cooperation Agreements for scientific research. Trieste was recently named European City of Science 2020 and in light of this, the University looks to strengthen its role as a top Research University, with aims to augment its collaboration with national and international research facilities while working to recruit top level scientists and researchers. The Port of Trieste is one of the largest Italian ports and, due to its location, it is one of the major logistic hubs of the Mediterranean. UniTS plays an important role in regard to the European macro-regions, and Italy’s relationship with Balkan countries, Eastern Europe, Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Latin America. UniTS will celebrate its centenary in 2024.



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