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Whether you're a shipping line or an agent, work with your shipping agents and overseas branches like they’re on the other side of your office - not the other side of the world.


Productivity at the center of your business

By simply allowing your customers to make bookings directly to your system, CargoWise makes your business more productive.


Increase visibility and control

Get total control over your operations, from vessel schedule updates, allocation visibility, container management, and rate calculations, through to electronic integration with depots, ports and customs.

Schedules and bookings

Intuitive schedules and booking functionality is the foundation for every vessel record, where detailed booking information can be stored and set to satisfy yours, and your customers' requirements.

With the flexibility to create sailing schedules and allocations for upcoming bookings at your fingertips, you can publish and share schedules with your customers at the press of a button.

Once configured, you can turn these schedules into templates, allowing you to reduce repeated manual entry for each subsequent booking, and to prepare for any similar shipments in the future.

Processing bookings for BreakBulk, Liquid, FCL, RORO, and regular Bulk generally requires separate screens for each booking. CargoWise consolidates everything into one - complete with container, VIN, or serial numbers for every piece. Staff no longer have to work from multiple screens. The system will save time and simplify the entire process.

For added convenience, bookings can be made online by your customers, or automatically via electronic communication, both of which reduce time spent on data entry. Of course, bookings can also be processed at any stage by your staff at any time, adding another level of flexibility to meet yours and your customers’ requirements.

Automatically calculate rates and charges for each bookings with full integration into CargoWise's Accounting module. So you can manage your finances with customers, suppliers, agents and principals with ease.

Valuable information like available capacity is immediately available within a booking, so your staff can view earlier booked and allocated cargo, available space, and whether the booking will fit on the vessel, need to be placed on another vessel or waitlisted.

CargoWise will ensure that your operators no longer need to memorize procedures or locations to process special bookings. Common knowledge like customer details, currency preferences, exchange rates, container yard and terminal locations will automatically fill in during the booking process, eliminating the need for manual entry or spending time on calls.

Electronically integration with container yards and terminals means information will automatically update as containers start moving from release to empty return.

One-click detention calculation automatically collects data from all containers in import or export detention and charges due according to pre-set rules.

Capacity management

From initial booking to final delivery, CargoWise simplifies the management of voyage vessel capacity, helping you avoid the frustrations, inefficiencies, and mistakes that come from manual entry.

As bookings are entered by your agents – or by your clients using Web Tracker – vessel allocations will update automatically. Allocation information against bookings is displayed in real time, giving your operators a consistently clear picture of all available slots.

Easily allocate container space by principal, or by TEU for every sailing, port, or country. And if you need to manage reefer containers, you can differentiate their required power points in addition to volume, tonnes, weight, or the area used – all to give you the visibility and control your operations demand.

In the event a booking is made but not necessarily moving, simply specify the quantity and different types of additional cargo or equipment, and the system will automatically maximize the final usage. This helps increase the overall value of your sailing profit, ensuring you have visibility of this information and the potential to manage these over-allocation requirements later on.

When you have accurate, up-to-the-minute container information at your fingertips, your staff can see currently booked cargo and equipment so they can work more efficiently. You can easily allocate bookings to a vessel in real-time, and if you need to make any last minute changes, they will be reflected immediately, so your staff can stay informed and in control.

Web Tracker

CargoWise's secure, online Web Tracker portal provides real-time access to your customers, giving them all the tools and information they need, and freeing up your staff to focus on other productive tasks.

By giving your customers the ability to check their own vessel, booking, and container status online, your customers can access any information they want, when and where they need it.

Customers can use Web Tracker to place their own bookings, or provide useful information like the equipment they require, their sailing preferences or special instructions. In addition to the convenience this brings them - and because any data entered can then be re-used throughout the system - it also means that your customers can take an active part in maintaining data quality, since the booking details they create can just as easily be converted to an operational record.

Files and relevant documents can be uploaded or downloaded without the need for emails, attachments, or external transfer solutions. All of this information is stored and shared on CargoWise, so it can be retrieved or referenced by anyone with the appropriate access rights. This means your customers can share and retrieve these documents whenever they need, leaving your staff to focus on more valuable tasks. 

Give your customers powerful, real-time reporting functionality that works according to their schedule. You can even setup WebServices, allowing data to be queried and exchanged without having to login first. 


CargoWise powerful Workflow engine helps you ensure all milestones are completed on time, and raise exceptions if an important date is missed - allowing your staff to focus on important events, rather than manually monitoring every job.


Use workflow triggers to automatically advise your customers, suppliers or staff of important milestones, automatically trigger data exchange or send documents.

Build step-by-step processes – incorporating milestones, exceptions and triggers – so your team knows what they should be focusing on and can see what’s coming up next.

Set schedules and configure alerts to notify you if milestones or events don't happen on time, allowing you to react to potential delays. Alerts can be assigned by modes of transport, client location and more.

You can also view a full log of every exception, both current and historical, to better analyze your business performance and stay on top of any issues.

Control the steps required to on-board new customers, so you can be confident their information is valid from day one.

Every job, process and step can be fine-tuned and configured, right down to screen layouts and data entry fields.

Accounting and reporting

Whether you are a shipping line principal or an agency, CargoWise's comprehensive accounting and reporting tools give you full control and visibility over your local or global financial operations.

Create voyage disbursement by capturing every cost and revenue related to a vessel, from port and husbandry fees, to crew expenses. And if you are an agency, recover these costs from the principal with minimal effort.

When the vessel reconciliation is required for analysis or reporting purposes, you can create a vessel reconciliation that details what your income and expenses were, not just for each Bill of Lading but for the entire vessel.

Capture all costs paid and revenues collected. The charges here are unrelated to a vessel, so you can easily add anything from storage to supplier rebates as you need – giving you the flexibility to record these costs, and ensure you maintain visibility over these financial transactions.

Send Principal Trading Statements that compare principal income with principal expenses for a given date range across all your shipping jobs. And you can easily compile these as a fully-detailed report, or a top-line summary; ensuring that you meet reporting requirements with minimal effort and expedite the settlement process.

Electronic documents and reports 

Streamline the management of your paperwork. Minimize unnecessary and inefficient documentation processes and free your people to focus on higher value activities that promote growth.

Documents, such as booking confirmations, invoices, bills of lading are highly customizable and can be sent to your staff and customers automatically based on workflow triggers, or in bulk according to your chosen criteria.

Easily manage all the documents that you receive from your customers or partners or that you issue from CargoWise, with eDocs attached to each booking or sailing schedule, or any other job for easy retrieval and audit trail.

Set-up access rights based on a company, branch or department so only approved individuals or teams can access certain files.

Documents such as Commercial Invoices or Packing Lists can be easily uploaded by trusted third-parties, and CargoWise will notify you when new content has been added.

Generate and deliver reports to recipients inside or outside of your organization in the format and design of your choice. Once your reports are set, they can be delivered automatically using a delivery schedule that you define.  

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