Manually reconciling your customs deferment account at month’s end can be challenging, particularly if you have limited visibility of what your staff have spent throughout the month and your customs software solution doesn’t capture these costs.  

Adding to the stress is not knowing if all disbursed funds have been fully recovered. And if this has not been done, it can put you in the difficult position of having to raise supplementary invoices to your clients. 

CargoWise, our deeply integrated logistics execution platform, has a range of features designed specifically to help you stay on top of your global customs processes, including deferments.  

A single platform solution, it can accurately capture all your customs deferment costs, ensuring you have the visibility and functionality to reconcile your deferment account in a timely manner.  

Looking to optimise your customs deferment account processes? It’s as easy as ABC with CargoWise.  


If Customs has levied these disbursements against your entries, you can use the auto-rating functionality to automatically pull forward the costs to the job billing tab, ready for invoicing to your client. This saves you time and reduces the likelihood of manual input errors, improving your overall productivity. 

Business intelligence  

If at any stage your customs disbursement statement of accounts requires reconciling, business intelligence reporting tools in CargoWise can be used to report all accruals, costs, WIP’s and revenue values associated with your customs deferment account. This saves you time and gives you visibility of all associated financial values to be reconciled. 

Charge codes  

CargoWise can be configured to meet your specific requirements; whether you need a single charge code to link back to all your Customs disbursements, or a separate charge code for each Customs charge type. This ensures that the system functions cohesively with your operations in a cost-efficient way. 

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