Managing import airfreight clearances can often mean sub-contracting work to a third-party clearing agent, or re-keying data into an external customs system. These options are not only expensive, they also won’t tie the clearances to your operational records, preventing you from optimizing your throughput. 

CCS-UK is the UK’s electronic air cargo community, digitally connecting airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, hauliers, HM Revenue and Customs and Border Force, to facilitate information sharing that’s critical to the efficient movement of the UK’s air exports and imports.  

Optimize your UK import airfreight clearance processes.

CargoWise, our single-platform software solution, provides a fully integrated CCS-UK customs clearance module built directly inside the application, removing the need to log into, pay for, or connect through any external software application.

It shares customs entry data across your operations and network of partners, allowing you to enter data once, then transfer it to a new entry automatically, any time and from anywhere. 

Exchange real-time data and status updates from a single global platform. 

For example, as an agent, consignments nominated to you by the shed will automatically appear in CargoWise, already linked to shipments and consols. Because these appear in the CCS-UK module on their own, you won’t have to spend time querying what has been nominated to you. 

You can also create your inventory record straight from your import consolidation, so you don't lose time waiting for the shed to manage this process. Simply click onto the CCS-UK tab of the record, and the information will automatically transfer. From here, it just takes one click to send the message that creates the consignment record.

Need to check on a previously created consignment? With CargoWise, you can request status updates directly from the import consol or the shipment record itself.  

Whether you need to create transshipment or removal-request messages, split consignments or re-nominate to another agent, CargoWise's integrated CCS-UK module is on hand to help meet your import air customs clearance requirements.  

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