When containerized goods move through ports in South Africa, the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) charges a fixed fee for the use of the facilities.

If you’re relying on manual or third-party software systems to process this payment, there’s greater risk of data entry errors and the incorrect information being submitted to the TNPA.

What’s more, this disparate system approach can limit your visibility, contributing to increased costs and potentially late or lost freight that doesn’t adhere to TNPA rules and regulations.

CargoWise is a single-platform software solution that shares customs entry data across your operations and network of partners, allowing you to enter data once, then transfer it to a new entry automatically, any time and from anywhere.

It allows you to quickly and easily transmit customs information directly to the TNPA, and receive acknowledgements and status updates in real-time, improving overall data quality and productivity.

Need to streamline your Cargo Dues operational processes? Here’s three ways you can get started with CargoWise.

1. Simple Cargo Dues notifications

Whether you are processing export, import or coastwise movements, CargoWise gives you the option to generate and submit all required Cargo Dues notifications based on the routing of the consolidation. This removes the need to second-guess or risk incorrectly submitting this information to the TNPA.

2. Easy form submission direct to the TNPA 

Using the built-in integration of CargoWise and the existing data from the shipment and consolidation records, the Cargo Dues form is automatically generated, drastically reducing processing time.

Once complete, the form can be electronically submitted directly to the TNPA. This then displays a real-time status in CargoWise, giving operators greater visibility without having to constantly call for these updates or forgetting to get them at all.

3. Clear and concise audit trail 

CargoWise will retain a history of all Cargo Dues events and statuses, including message submission, receipt, processing and final acceptance or rejection. Once the Cargo Dues message is accepted, the TNPA will return two items of information back to the CargoWise consolidation – the TNPA Order Number and the total Cargo Dues amount – for a comprehensive audit trail.

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