Improve data quality

Automate data entry and customer interfaces to increase accuracy – making it easy to optimize operations as your business grows.

Streamline processes

Automation tools help ensure you release the right job at the right time and improve delivered-in-full-and-on-time statistics.

Total transparency

Increased visibility allows you to scale your warehouse operations to manage seasonal changes, business growth and high-volume customers.

The future of warehouse management is here, and it's your future to shape.

Say goodbye to the era of complicated technical configurations, sky-high development expenses, and struggling with intricate coding processes.

Embrace the power of automation to reclaim valuable time for your team, leading to improved employee retention, unparalleled accuracy, and enhanced efficiency across your end-to-end logistics operations.

Deeply integrated into CargoWise, Product Warehouse delivers straight-through digital processing alongside high-quality management control and visibility. And that's not all – implementation can be completed within days, with new customers brought on board in just a matter of hours.

     Deep integration interfaces
     Ease of implementation
     High scalability
     Powerful automation
     Inventory control
     Optimization modes
     Cost reduction
     Final-mile delivery
     Across road, rail, sea, and air

CargoWise is changing the game with the Production Rules Engine

The Inventory Allocation Rules feature provides a comprehensive solution for various high-level warehouse use cases. Users can configure rules based on factors like units of measurement, location attributes, sales channels, organization type, and product or inventory attributes to ensure optimal utilization of resources.

Putaway Rules determine the optimal warehouse location for incoming inventory. By utilizing criteria from Products, Receive Jobs, Locations, and Location capacity constraints, the putaway process becomes smooth and organized, ensuring that inventory is placed in the most suitable locations.

Cycle Count Task Creation Rules enable frequent inventory checks without disrupting normal warehouse operations. Unlike traditional annual or quarterly stocktakes that require shutting down and freezing warehouse activities, cycle count tasks are automatically triggered based on user-defined rules. This allows continuous warehouse operations while ensuring the accuracy of inventory records.

Wave Creation, also known as Wave Management, revolutionizes warehouse order processing. By automatically grouping orders with similar attributes and releasing them for picking at specific times, wave creation optimizes order fulfillment and eliminates the need for manual order selection. These rules can be tailored based on criteria such as client, carrier, sales channel, maximum weight or volume, and more, to reduce administrative decision-making errors.

Efficiently manage your end-to-end warehouse operations

Warehouse optimization 

Maintain accurate inventory control by counting a subset of inventory on a recurring schedule to identify any variance between your WMS data and the physical inventory. 

Improve your visibility and reporting capability with system-generated audit trails recording the movement of each piece of cargo as it moves in, around, and out of your warehouse.

Monitor inventory levels, oversee the movement of goods, and view order statuses in real-time for up-to-date and better-informed decisions with greater accuracy and confidence. 

Configure client-specific rating schedules for handling and storage and automatically apply charges for each job, eliminating processing errors and improving efficiency. 

Give your customers a 360-degree view of their inventory regardless of where it's located, helping ensure stock is only distributed as needed and improving your goods planning and allocation.

Warehouse operations and integration 

Broaden your range of service offerings and enhance customer satisfaction while also boosting your warehouse operation's profit streams with seamlessly integrated value-added services. 

Bonded warehouse and Foreign Trade Zones provide peace of mind that your stock is stored and distributed according to local customs rules and regulations.

Scan products into cartons and label them with a serial shipping container code (SSCC). Labels are automatically generated according to carrier specifications, reducing the likelihood of misplaced or delayed delivery.

Future-proof your warehouse operations with CargoWise's mobile warehouse application. Developed specifically for Android devices and offering the latest touchscreen and user-experience technology plus direct security updates and support for all future enhancements. 

Optimize picking and packing 

Transform your warehouse operations with integrated outbound pick, pack, and dispatch management.

Reduce labor costs and enhance efficiency as the system performs cartonization for less-than-full case picks. It determines carton quantities, sizes, and contents based on product dimensions, streamlining picking.

Pickers load a trolley with shipper cartons and efficiently gather items in one pass, reducing travel distance and time. This approach, especially for split-case orders, boosts productivity and order cycle times. Plus, it ensures shipments fit correctly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

If adjustments are needed during picking, the 'Return Items to Stock' function effortlessly reallocates inventory back to the warehouse. 

Work faster and smarter 

Boost speed and efficiency in your warehouse with the Android-based RF scanner.

Ensuring accuracy and performance, the scanner supports complete barcode processes from receiving to inventory control, pick, pack, and release.

Full outbound vehicle loading control enables package scanning for a thorough audit trail. Tailoring the device to specific areas or pick methods ensures accurate instructions to optimize labor flow. 

For streamlined barcode scanning, Product Warehouse features an integrated Barcode Parsing module for 1D, GS1, or 2D QR codes. It extracts multiple data elements from a single barcode, saving significant time by allowing receipt of multiple products and attributes with a single scan.

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