A single platform logistics solution with real-time data visibility and powerful automations is the key to successfully navigating your business through disruption, says Billy Tung, Chairman of the Taiwan-headquartered NVOCC, China International Freight Group (CIF). 

“At the heart of CIF is our commitment to constantly go above and beyond for our customers. Technology has always been a key factor in delivering this, which means we were well placed to move to a digital-first business model when the pandemic first hit, and in the months that have followed,” explains Mr. Tung.

The power of a single platform solution 

With branches throughout major ports in mainland China and Southeast Asia, along with an extensive agency network and ambitious global growth plans, Mr. Tung knew CIF needed a single platform logistics solution that could handle the breadth and complexity of its operations.

“The digital system we previously used had been sufficient to meet the demand of the existing market in Asia. However, a few years ago I realized that if we did not move towards a global system, we risked losing many international business opportunities, and wouldn’t be able to scale and expand into new markets.

“To achieve our ambitions, we had to select an innovative solution that could take us into the future. Consolidating our operations onto CargoWise and accelerating our digital transformation has dramatically improved our efficiency and given us an even greater competitive edge.”

Despite the unprecedented pressure on global supply chains, including global lockdowns and port congestion, Mr. Tung said CIF increased cargo volume by 21.2 percent in 2020, when compared to 2019 figures.

“With the support of CargoWise and by utilizing its powerful functionality, our team grew stronger and was capable of handling the surge in volume – it was a perfect complement.”

Deep integrations driving real-time data and analytics

According to Mr. Tung, with the pandemic still impacting production and demand worldwide, real-time data and deeply integrated reporting tools have never been more essential.

“Making strategic decisions using outdated, paper-based reports that take days to prepare are a thing of the past. CargoWise automates this process, and we are now using real-time data and insights to help us make informed decisions in response to rapidly changing market conditions and new challenges.

“For example, we now have comprehensive visibility of export performance at major ports in mainland China, including data on how many ports have completed the export process or the amount of unloaded goods. This helps us better allocate containers to meet the needs of our global customers, particularly when transportation resources are limited.”

Embedding a digital-first mindset, always

As trade volumes recover, Mr. Tung says CIF is cementing its digital-first culture throughout the organization, from senior management through to new graduates.

“We are excited to see what the future holds for our business. The fact that CargoWise is cloud-enabled puts us in a strong position to scale our operations on-demand and enter new markets swiftly. It’s reassuring to know that regardless of where our team is based, they can access the same data, anywhere and at any time, with CargoWise,” Mr. Tung said.

Investing in innovation and continuous improvement is business as usual for CIF, and now, because they have more time and resources, they can focus on providing their customers with even more value-added services.

“It is very important to me that we are always thinking ahead and adopting an innovative mindset to assist our customers with their challenges. CargoWise strengthens everything we do and will help ensure we deliver the exceptional service our customers have come to expect from us – both now and into the future,” Mr. Tung concluded.

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