In the post-pandemic era, the logistics industry is facing an irreversible trend of digital transformation and strict cross-border trade compliance requirements. Cloud technology is becoming the first choice for more and more enterprises.

Always ensuring trade compliance is essential. If your logistics software cannot agilely respond to customs regulation changes and processes in real time, this will negatively impact your customs declarations, along with your operational and business efficiency.

CargoWise is an end-to-end logistics software solution that enables you and your partners to share customs data in real time. Your data entry at export is automatically converted into declaration data at import, and can be automatically converted into customs declaration data any time and anywhere.

The CargoWise Customs module integrates local Chinese requirements and declaration processes, significantly reducing the processing time for customs declarations, while seamlessly maintaining the accuracy of customs declaration data and ensuring trade compliance. Find out how: 

1. Increase trade transparency

CargoWise is directly linked with the China International Trade Single Window. This means customs statuses can be updated in real time, to provide increased transparency of your cargo declaration progresses.

The system can also accurately calculate the customs tariff (including conventional tariff, and additional increased tariff, etc.), so you can more clearly and transparently understand the goods cost.

2. Generate intelligent entries 

CargoWise supports the generation of multiple customs entries from one shipment record, merging shared customs information and relevant customs declaration entries into one or more customs entries. This also generates logs of user actions to provide better visibility.

3. Reduce errors and risk of duplicated data entry

CargoWise allows you to use the entered shipping details to reduce the duplicated entry when processing customs entries.

4. Simplify data entry processes

CargoWise allows you to import commercial invoice details in a variety of file formats quickly and easily. This means that operators no longer need to enter data manually.

5. Improve operational efficiency with cloud technology

For documentation required by customs, CargoWise helps to reduce the reliance on paper documents. Also, when an entry is released, a copy of the entry document can be stored against the eDocs tab of the job.

Learn how you can take the complexity out of compliance and unlock emerging trade opportunities with CargoWise Customs

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