On December 24th, 2020, the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China announced the notice of "Inspection and Supervision of Import and Export of Hazardous Chemicals and Packing", which became effective on January 10th, 2021.

According to the announcement, Customs, as the main party responsible for the inspection of import and export hazardous chemicals and packaging, must clearly explain declaration requirements in regards to the submission of materials and inspection items listed in the Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals.

Since January 10th, 2021, when declaring products with HS codes related to hazardous chemicals you must select a “Cargo Attributes” option (“hazardous chemicals in bulk”, “hazardous chemicals in packages” or “non-hazardous chemicals”), before the product can go on to be declared.

Efficiently manage customs declarations processes and ensure trade compliance

CargoWise is a highly integrated single platform with a comprehensive list of dangerous goods and details, which can be directly accessed via the CargoWise Customs module.

In the CargoWise Customs module, once you have declared the UN number of the dangerous goods, you can quickly access IMO Class and Packing Group data, with corresponding declaration items automatically filled in according to China’s customs format requirements.

The compliance ecosystem is incredibly complex – from ever-changing regulations around border clearances, customs entries and permits, along with the sheer volume of data and documentation required in order to legally clear the border.

CargoWise lets you create customs entries quickly and efficiently, without the need for third-party solutions or tedious workarounds. It is constantly updated to reflect changing laws and legislation, so you can be confident in submitting the right paperwork and can be compliant with customs regulations, harmonized tariffs, local tax rules and more.

Learn how you can take the complexity out of compliance and unlock emerging trade opportunities with CargoWise Customs

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