There are many reasons why your staff may want professional certification: specialized expertise, a personal sense of achievement, career progression within your company and more. CargoWise Certifications are designed to give your team the knowledge, confidence, and competencies they need to use our industry-leading platform, CargoWise, effectively.

Our comprehensive global learning platform, WiseTech Academy, makes mastering CargoWise functionality easy, with curated learning pathways, and thousands of on demand resources designed and delivered by industry experts. But it’s not just employees who can benefit from professional accreditation. There’s a lot of win-win gains for your company, and ultimately, your customers too.

Here’s five reasons why helping your people earn a CargoWise Certification is something you should consider prioritizing.

1. Leads to more engaged employees

Research shows companies that recognize their team’s commitment to learning, and help them develop their careers, have more satisfied staff and higher rates of retention.

Certifications are a great way to recognize and reward your high performers, inspire new starters and reinvigorate existing staff. Plus, if your company has a reputation for investing in training and development, you also become more attractive to qualified applicants looking for new positions.

Our online learning pathways reflect the industry’s focus on technology and digital transformation - helping you develop deep specializations and supporting your ongoing education in one of the world's fastest-growing industries.|

2. Helps drive business growth

Certified CargoWise users are knowledgeable in-house experts that you can count on to help successfully deliver your digital transformation initiatives.

Competency has a direct impact on risk for logistics companies, and our certifications program helps ensure your employees’ technical knowledge is deep and current, giving you a strong competitive edge.

3. Delivers ROI in more ways than one

Getting your people CargoWise certified can also have a direct effect on your bottom line.

Not only do certified users enable increased productivity and improved CargoWise usage, but CargoWise customers can also enjoy license discounts if certain certification requirements are achieved. Learn more.

4. Improves staff performance

Once certified, team members have a much better understanding of the software system, helping them solve problems faster and deliver better customer service.

It also provides opportunities to non-certified staff members, who can learn through direct knowledge sharing, helping to close your skills gaps before they even become apparent.

5. Assists with faster global rollouts

With proven project experience and business process knowledge, companies with certified CargoWise users enjoy smoother deployments.

For example, our Certified Specialist and Certified Professional accreditations mean your team members have advanced and specialized knowledge of a range of modules and features, including workflow, system configuration and electronic messaging.

What’s more, these levels require deep business process knowledge and proven project experience, so you can rest assured that your people are developing themselves to become experts in their field.

Want to learn about our certifications program and how you can empower your team to get started? Find out more

Are you looking to upskill in 2024? With programs designed and delivered by industry experts, WiseTech Academy is the one-stop-shop for all your logistics learning needs. Browse our extensive course catalogue and start learning today. 

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