Alexander Eagles, CargoWise Product Manager, explains how you can supercharge your workflows and put productivity at the centre of your business. 

With many logistics companies now implementing large-scale remote working, more traditional ways of working – such as relying on paper documents in the office or in-person problem solving – are no longer an option.

Our secure and reliable cloud-based logistics software, CargoWise, features powerful workflow tools that help you automate, manage and optimise your operations.

Every task, process or job can be fine-tuned and configured into a workflow, to build the routines that not only quickly and efficiently satisfy your customers’ needs, but also define the quality service they expect.

Want to create workflows that work for you? Get started now with these simple tips:

1. Set-up your milestones tab so key events are tracked and recorded automatically – starting from the point of booking through to the ultimate delivery to the consignee. This makes it easy to manage by exception and eases the burden on your supply chain operators.

2. Assign expected completion times so team members know exactly when things should be delivered. Approaching or missed a deadline? React faster and reduce your exposure by setting-up automations to escalate or notify other staff. You can also use triggers to apply partial templates, so that staff can see the tasks that need to be done sooner.

3. Tasks are a handy way to keep track of who is doing what. Consider using capabilities to make sense of the skill sets required from your team, so that work can be dynamically assigned to whoever has capacity.

4. Using existing workflow templates, specify which data fields are populated based on the type of shipment, mode, direction or client. This speeds up data entry and allows you to streamline your processes by only presenting the fields your staff need for that specific file type.

5. If the standard set of data fields in a workflow template doesn’t meet your specific needs, you can create custom fields. Simply choose the style of field you require and enter a name. It is then immediately searchable and available on each job where that workflow template applies.

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