As global supply chains continue to be disrupted by COVID-19, many logistics companies are considering how they can reimagine their business-as-usual environment and do more with less.

This is difficult for logistics companies that have a globally dispersed workforce and who are using multiple, patched-together logistics software systems that may not be designed to communicate with each other.

For example, manually entering and transferring data between different software systems and operators is time-consuming and risky. The potential for error increases every time information is re-keyed – especially when you’re facing language, legal and localisation differences.

What’s more, maintaining job visibility across your organisation becomes almost impossible, resulting in double-handling of work which can impact customer satisfaction.

Our secure and reliable cloud-based logistics software, CargoWise, brings your branches, departments and workforce together in a single, deeply integrated global platform. It reduces data entry and the need to run multiple platforms, all while increasing productivity, visibility and communication among your users and network of trading partners.

Considering making the move to a single platform logistics solution? Here’s three reasons why it’s more important now than ever:

Digitise operations to drive productivity

Using a single platform logistics solution such as CargoWise means everyone is working from the same database, so information that’s entered at the origin station becomes immediately available to the destination as well.

For instance, when a purchase order is entered into CargoWise by an operator or received via EDI from a customer or third-party, the system automatically notifies the appropriate users of the booking request, who can then view the details and decide on the most efficient shipping method and schedule.

This accelerates your operational efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors from re-entering data. It also keeps the buyer and supplier informed of the cargo status, enabling collaboration between all parties.

Easy scalability to control costs

CargoWise is cloud-enabled, so it can be scaled up on-demand without notice and scaled down with equal efficiency.

In times of uncertainty, our pay-as-you-use transaction model facilitated by the cloud is immensely valuable, ensuring logistics companies can reduce their expenditure relative to temporary and unpredictable changes to usage volumes and income.

What’s more, deploying upgrades or patches to a cloud-enabled single global platform can be done without costly onsite resources, helping you eliminate unscheduled and expensive downtime.

Integrate processes to boost operational efficiency

CargoWise provides you with comprehensive vertical and horizontal integration, both inside and outside of the application.

Take for instance a forwarding shipment from the United States (US) to the United Kingdom (UK). Using CargoWise, your different departments in the UK can begin to prepare the customs clearance by reusing the data that was entered into the USA ACE Declaration.

They can also pre-plan the local delivery based on the chosen schedule at Origin, all while the US export team are still working on the export documentation. This streamlines the overall process while also keeping track of any tasks or milestone events directly within the Workflow and Tracking tab.

The system can also raise exceptions – such as a missed cargo-ready date – and send out automated notifications to staff or partners to keep everyone updated of the cargo’s status and ensure actions are taken to prevent any shipment delays.

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