Real-time visibility

Predictive validation helps ensure you know when your cargo is arriving with up-to-date vessel ETAs.


Improve data quality

Cleanse and consolidate complex data streams to create a custom-built global dataset of events and location information.


Drive customer satisfaction

Automate work, proactively manage exceptions and keep customers informed with accurate and timely updates on their containerised cargo.


Events flow through the whole of the container lifecycle, triggering automatic alerts, exceptions and processes that complete actions or bring issues to the attention of operators.

Key events and statuses contain the date, time and location of each container, including actual inland and onboard movements, pre-advices, delays and changes to estimates.

Track containers from a single, deeply integrated platform, with a view of ocean carrier container data in near real-time.

Containerised cargo data is taken from multiple sources which is then cleansed, standardised and consolidated into one meaningful data structure.

Workflow triggers alert staff, agents, customs brokers, inland service providers and customers of actual or estimated container movements.

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