In just a few short months, the way logistics companies and customers interact has been transformed, with unprecedented supply chain disruptions placing additional pressure on your already busy support teams.   

If you, like many service providers, are considering how to successfully navigate this uncertainty – while optimising resources, controlling costs and still delivering quality customer service – now is the perfect time to consider digitising your support with customer support ticketing system 

As an integrated part of our secure and reliable cloud-based software, CargoWise's Customer Ticket Portal allows external users to raise support tickets digitally. Here are three ways you can transform your customer support: 

Less time clarifying, more time supporting 

Changing to a customer service ticketing solution and digitising your support processes is a great way to take your support and customer experience to the next level without adding headcount or costly outsourcing fees. 

Customers can raise support tickets, upload digital files and documents to eDocs, and message directly with support staff via a web-based portal, so all communication is kept seamless and consistent.  

Assigning support requests to the right person or team and using business rules to initiate a custom support process automatically makes it easy for support teams to boost productivity and deliver a better service experience for customers. 

Offer support without boundaries 

Nowadays, great customer service is not only provided within business hours and offering customers better and on-demand service paves the way towards better loyalty and retention.  

However, follow-the-sun type support models are often only thought as feasible for larger companies, especially when support teams are required to work from home. 

Digitising most standard support functions gives support teams the flexibility to work remotely and collaborate across time zones while providing customers an 'always on' sense of service and still allowing for a personal touch to take place when needed.

Grow your business without growing pains 

Remove difficulty in scaling your customer support as your business grows, address customer support needs, without hiring additional headcount especially for those accounts that are more pressing and harder to manage than others. 

By streamlining processes and identifying the actual costs of doing business with specific, high touch customers, a digital customer support solution is an effective value creation tool for swiftly reducing costs and adding revenue to the business. 

Removing unnecessary tasks provides a scalable support model that alleviates resource and operating costs of adding more customers without compromising your team's efficiency or your customers experience levels.

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