According to Pitney Bowes’ most recent Parcel Shipping Index1, parcel volume is estimated to double in the next five years to reach 266 billion parcels in 2026 – which equates to more than 728 million packages a day.

This huge increase in parcel volume also comes with an increase in consumer expectations. Customers want their orders within hours and days – not weeks or months – and they don’t have a lot of patience for errors or delayed deliveries.

With these challenges in mind, it’s essential that warehouses establish proper resourcing, processes and technologies that emphasize agility and flexibility. This will help them to not only keep pace with unpredictable volumes, but also give forwarders and warehouse operators the confidence that they can scale to take advantage of continued ecommerce growth.

Turbocharge your transit warehouse operations from goods-in to goods-out

As goods move throughout your transit facilities, efficiencies, automations, and productivity enhancements can help forwarders and warehouse operators optimize their operations – from the inventory shelf to the pack out station and into the hands of customers.

CargoWise Transit Warehouse is a barcode-based warehouse solution that is ideal for anyone requiring real-time visibility and control of package movements through their transit network. Whether you’re handling ten boxes a month or 10,000 packages a week, here are three ways CargoWise Transit Warehouse can help you ensure goods flow freely.

1. Integration capabilities accelerate and optimize the data shared between all parties

Deep integration capabilities in CargoWise connect your Forwarding and Warehouse operations, making the management of inbound packages easier with full visibility of inbound consignments and vehicles to pre-plan arrival workloads and avoid confusion and delays.

With pre-alert or ASN information transferred to the warehouse at the touch of a button, you can plan staff and equipment requirements accordingly, assign the storage location, and have barcoded labels waiting when cargo arrives. This helps to minimize delays at unloading and reduce the number of misplaced packages.

2. Real-time data empowers you to make more informed decisions

Enhanced operational visibility means your staff can work more efficiently, with greater predictability and accuracy.

Our Transit Warehouse desktop dashboard displays information for receive consignments, advance shipping notices, receive transportation units, dispatch consignments, load lists, dispatch transportation units, and transfers.

What’s more, the mobile dashboard display includes some additional handy data points, including gate-in times, transfer types, and cycle count tasks.

With all this information available on a single screen, it’s easy for controllers and mobile operators to see how the warehouse is operating, if there are jobs still to be completed and more.

3. Electronic loading instructions maximize your resources and minimize costs

Pick, pack, and dispatch management can account for most of your labor time and costs. Every time an item is incorrectly picked or loaded, that’s time and money spent unnecessarily, which has a knock-on effect that may result in delayed order fulfilment and late deliveries.

Electronic loading instructions give your operators clear and straightforward pick location directions, while additional barcode-based controls help make sure the right package is loaded to the right dispatch transport unit.

The optimization of your outbound pick, pack and dispatch management will allow your operators and facilities to easily handle increased parcel volumes and seize new growth opportunities.

Our global CargoWise Partner network helps customers of all sizes implement and configure CargoWise to suit your business needs.

1 Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index, 2021

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