Maintain visibility

Keep track of packages as they journey through your transit network, with a digital audit trail of touchpoints and internal movements.


Increase productivity and accuracy

Automate goods movement and manage inventory flexibility, helping to ensure goods flow freely and accurately from receipt, through storage, to packing and shipping.


Reduce warehouse costs

Maximize the use of resources, such as equipment, space, time and people, with greater efficiency and lower operating costs.


Inbound packages and shipment management

Transfer pre-alert or ASN information and gain visibility of inbound consignments to pre-plan arrival workloads, avoiding confusion and delays.

Compatibility with any unique package identifier and multiple receive consignments for greater flexibility when entering information.

Mobile enabled barcode scanning, blind receipt and label printing for faster receipting processes, with fewer handling errors.

Digitally log package details such as weights and measurements, and record data and images of damaged goods.

Package management and transit warehouse operations

Rules-based locations and system-generated guidance for precise and accurate storage/cross-docking directions.

Device-based transfer instructions ensures accuracy while moving and relocating items, while reducing operator workloads and eliminating costly mistakes.

Workflow event logs for detailed package traceability at every touchpoint.

Visibility of packages in the warehouse and their location, for example at a dock or in a location.

Outbound pick, pack and dispatch management

System controlled pick locations/packages and electronic loading instructions to ensure only the correct items are selected and loaded.

Complete flexibility for managing how packages arrive and leave your premise between individual or multiple receive and dispatch consignments.

Incoming vehicle visibility for efficient yard management and gatehouse processes.

Integration with other CargoWise modules to create and attach load lists or manifests.

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