Expanding and diversifying domestic operations, managing more road freight for customers, and providing greater hands-on customer service are just a few of the factors that played into Scarbrough Transportation’s decision to extend their CargoWise platform with cloud-based transportation management system, 3Gtms – a commercial partner for CargoWise.

The Scarbrough Group (Scarbrough) is a complete international and domestic supply chain service provider headquartered in the US. Comprised of five supply chain-focused companies, Scarbrough covers customs brokerage, global forwarding, domestic brokerage, and asset-based trucking, warehouse fulfillment and distribution services, compliance consulting, large equipment and project cargo moves.

Scarbrough has used the logistics execution platform CargoWise as their main operating platform across all businesses since 2017. They have experienced significant benefits since its implementation, explains Adam Hill, President, and Chief Operating Officer, The Scarbrough Group.

"CargoWise streamlines our internal data flows and automates typically manual processes and reduces errors. This allows our teams and our customer service representatives to minimize the time spent on time-consuming work and spend more time actually talking to their customers.”

Scarbrough’s North American truck brokerage company, Scarbrough Transportation, has also benefitted from technology gains. While Scarbrough had previous experience with various domestic transportation management systems, they were looking for an advanced solution that would easily integrate with CargoWise and their current business processes while accelerating, expanding and diversifying domestic operations. With this in mind, Scarbrough Transportation implemented 3Gtms.

"The number one reason we chose this solution was speed. Ultimately, our staff can only do a limited number of files in a given month, and by using both CargoWise and 3Gtms to create additional efficiencies, it means that our people can spend more time talking to customers, dealing with problems, and helping them brainstorm new ideas and solutions."

"There's still this idea of a paper handoff between our international and our domestic teams as cargo moves out for final delivery. But with 3Gtms, that entire piece goes away. So, we'll see a reduction in email traffic and in manual rekeying of data, and an increase in data accuracy and tracking, so there's a ton of efficiency that is built from it.

“3Gtms allows us to go after different types of clients no matter how they want to track – whether it’s their full truckloads or the LTL. 3Gtms enables us to maximize the opportunities that we can go to tender on, bid on, and be successful with, and then that's supported and backed by the automation and efficiencies in CargoWise, which has taken our operations to the next level," says Mr. Hill.

What differentiates Scarbrough, Mr Hill explains, is that they truly care about their customers and their needs. The decision to invest in the right technology to better serve their customers has been a crucial enabler, even more so during the pandemic this past year.

"The response from our customers during this time has been extremely positive, and to me, that's really a testament to how effective our team is and that we have the right technology in place to support our business and our customers.”

When it comes to technology and digital transformation, Scarbrough has always been forward-thinking. They could pivot quickly when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, with few disruptions to their operations or their customers.

"Having CargoWise already in place during the pandemic enabled all of us to work seamlessly from our homes and in a paperless environment. This is something that we had been working towards for a while, but COVID-19 certainly accelerated it.”

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