In line with the International Civil Aviation Organization's policy direction on air cargo security, Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department will soon require screening for all cargo transported by air to all destinations.

Coming into full effect on 30 June 2021, the new policy is designed to enhance the international standards on air cargo security and means consignors must:

  • be approved by the appropriate authority as a “validated” Known Consignor, or
  • become an "unknown consignor" with all cargo subject to 100% security screening prior to being loaded on to a commercial aircraft.
How can technology help keep you compliant?

As of 30 June 2021, all export air cargo must be either examined at piece level or at a Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility before it can be accepted for uplift.

To ensure you stay compliant, we've released various updates to the Forwarding module in CargoWise, including:

Shipment Packing changes

To facilitate piece/pack level screening for all outbound Hong Kong air cargo, in addition to the Shipment > Inspection field, an inspection method may be applied per pack line.

A warning message will now appear when the Packing > Inspection field is ‘UNK’ (Unknown), and the origin (or transshipment port) is Hong Kong.

Updates to Consignment Security Declaration

The Consol > AWB > Security Declaration tab will display the pack level screening method within the Screening Method grid for all Shipments attached, if the Consol > Origin is Hong Kong. Otherwise, the Shipment > Inspection value will be shown.

In accordance with the new policy, for Consols originating in Hong Kong, where at least one of the attached shipments is being tendered to the CTO/Ground Handler/Airline as Unknown (so that the cargo can be screened further up the supply chain), a warning is also now shown in the Print Final Master window.

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