Coming into effect from 1 July 2021, Singapore's Known Consignor Regime (KCR) is a security measure aimed towards further improving air cargo security on commercial aircraft from global terrorism-related threats.

It has been implemented by the Airport Police Division (APD) of Singapore and will be a requirement by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

How does Singapore's Known Consignor Regime (KCR) work?

KCR works on the underlying principle that aircraft operate in a secured environment, thereby requiring consignments of cargo transported on commercial aircraft to undergo additional security measures before loading.

Cargo from KCR shippers, once cleared, shall be protected from interference or contamination until loaded onto the aircraft.

How can technology help keep you compliant?

To facilitate compliance with KCR, CargoWise has released various changes to the Organization module, including:

New Organization tab

With the introduction of KCR, consignors are now regulated by the state instead of the regulated cargo agent, and shipment history will no longer be a suitable method of calculating the known status of a consignor.

To facilitate the changeover, a new Supply Chain Security tab for Singapore has been added, providing a grid layout to replace the calculation of shipment history.

Updated Inspection Types

In accordance with KCR requirements, inspection fields will now default according to the Consignor's known status depending upon whether the logged-in company is a regulated cargo agent (RCA) or not.

AWB and FWB changes

Changes have been made to the Master Air Waybill and FWB messages to accommodate known and unknown consignors and the organizations' regulated agent status.

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