With more than four million development hours invested in building technology to empower and enable the logistics industry globally, here’s a handful of the latest CargoWise enhancements for you to enjoy.
New revenue recognition functionality

Split non-job expenses and revenues and post to multiple general ledger periods in your payables and receivables. Perfect for managing expenses and cash flow, you can now recognise revenues and expenses (such as annual rental bills or quarterly utility bills) in the periods they are incurred, even if they are billed for multiple periods at a time.

Denied Party Screening for warehouse

Powerful denied party screening functionality is now integrated into CargoWise Warehouse for all orders and receipts. Protect yourself. Identify potential denied parties for sales orders and received jobs, with access to more than 180 individual blacklist databases which are obtained, standardised and maintained daily.   

Improved eDocs preview

The eDocs tab now features a preview option for documents of supported file types, displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. For easy viewing, set up a preview pane to show multiple pages of a document.  

New credit note approval email templates

Automated emails sent when an approval request for a credit note is approved or rejected now feature a hyperlink to the related job. This means requestors can quickly open the relevant job to post the approved accounts receivable credit note or review the billing details of a rejected request.

Updated ‘Is Cargo Only’ flag availability

Previously only available for air routing legs linked to flight schedules, the ‘Is Cargo Only’ flag can now be applied to air routing legs that have been unlinked from the flight schedules. This means operators can maintain correct flight details and screening, even on unlinked legs.

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